Top 4 Features of the Schwinn Exercise Equipment

It is understandable why people would want to have a fit body. But before anything else, it is very important to prepare the body for the series of rigorous exercises that will eventually give its final firm and built physique. For starters, it is highly recommended to acquire or make use of an elliptical trainer exercise equipment first, specifically those by Schwinn. Why this brand? The following features will tell you why:

1. Schwinn has a built in heart monitor
When people perform exercises, the heart really has to do extra work to pump blood to those parts that have been put into action. If you’ve been listening to your health teacher back in high school, there are specific ranges of heartbeat per minute that are considered normal for your age, weight and height. Hence, with the monitor in the Schwinn equipment, you can detect problems early on for you to be able to act appropriately on it.

2. Schwinn has sixteen resistance levels
It is common knowledge that the human body is built or designed to adapt. This is perhaps the reason why when we first do something, it’s quite hard. But with time, it just gets easier and easier until it loses the challenge it initially gave. This is also true for exercises. If one level of exercise is repeatedly done, it will lose its effectiveness sooner or later. With these sixteen levels, adaptability is somewhat controlled and the progressive nature of exercise is significantly achieved.

3. Schwinn’s Maximum weight capacity is at approximately 300 pounds
This may sound not so important but it really is. In fact, it is very crucial. Remember that this exercise equipment is good for starters. And normally, those who are just starting to get conscious about their physical activity are those who have been idle for quite some time and have accumulated a lot of extra pounds. With this rather huge weight capacity, a greater number of people get to use this equipment from Schwinn, maximizing its value and usage.

4. Schwinn provides profile programs
It is a given. No two people are of the same needs. Hence, when it comes to losing weight and sweating all those calories out, this equipment has six built in programs that can facilitate exercising effectively as well as healthily. If it so happens that out of the six programs, not one fits the user, this equipment from Schwinn also allows for customizations. Now, there is perhaps no other equipment as effective, as health conscious, and as freedom-loving as this.

So with all these four features, are you now interested in getting a unit of this amazing Schwinn equipment for yourself? If you are in areas near the cities of Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Jackson, and New Orleans, then you should consider yourself very lucky since FitnessExpoStores makes this and a lot more available to you.

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