Top 6 Best Fitness Gym Equipment Based on Body Benefits

When it comes to fitness gym equipment, two things immediately come to mind: treadmills and the elliptical fitness machine. While there is nothing wrong with either one, it is also beneficial that you use the other equipment you find in gyms. Perhaps the popularity of these equipment is based on their relatively ease of use and wide marketing campaigns. But when it comes to the ability to give full workouts, the following are six of the best but least used equipment: 1. Low back extension machine The lower back is the most stressed part of our bodies because it is the cradle of the spinal cord. You may know of this fact but like the 85% of all Americans, you may have overlooked it. It is important that you strengthen your back muscles for improved trunk stability. So the low back extension machine is great fitness gym equipment to keep your form intact. It forces you to use the muscles of your back instead of those in your hips to the do a string of exercises. 2. Wrist and forearm machine Since most jobs today involve typing on computers, wrist and forearms are often times abused. So the wrist and forearm machine is important especially for women. With this machine, you can work the wrist in all directions to strengthen and condition it. 3. The Smith Machine The Smith Machine is fitness gym equipment that includes a barbell moving up and down the steel runners. This machine is perfect for beginners who aim to enhance the performance of their quads, hamstrings, glutes, upper back, shoulders and core. It lets you do multi-joint and multi-muscle movement safely because of the presence of numerous safety latches. 4. Step mill You may think this is too much but choosing the step mill over a treadmill will actually yield better results. The step mill is a stair-stepping machine that provides the same workout as you really climbing the stairs. Therefore, it burns more calories than the treadmill and you also get to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes in the process. Just 1-5 minutes on it will be enough to keep you in tiptop shape. 5. Rowing machine This fitness gym equipment offers a complete workout in the sense that it targets all the major muscle groups. Whenever you use the rowing machine, you are strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, quads, shins, pecs, shoulders, rhomboids, triceps, and lats. Experts believe that it is the best gym equipment because there is no landing force and yet the effects are terrific. 6. Cable-based resistance machine The cable-based resistance machine is the fitness gym equipment that helps work on multiple muscles in as little as five minutes’ worth of workout. Using the machine’s two very long arms that you pull in any direction, you get the benefit of training every muscle group through the tension the cable provides. Further, unlike any other gym equipment you see, the exercises you do on the cable-based resistance machine are limitless so you are free to experiment. Jumping on the treadmill or any other fitness gym equipment that you have gotten used to lets you strengthen only a specific muscle group. To get a full body workout, incorporate some variation in your daily exercise routine. There is so much more that you can do in a gym. Go ahead and try some of the other equipment too. If you are itching to get your hands on some reliable fitness gym equipment, visit one of our following locations: Metairie – (504) 887-0880 Baton Rouge – (225) 928-5751 Kenner – (504) 466-3966 Shreveport – (318) 861-1107 Jackson, MS – (601) 956-5681 E-mail: Call toll free: 1-800-323-1831