Top 6 Life Fitness Equipment Products for the Abs

Top 6 Life Fitness Equipment Products for the Abs

The abs or the middle abdomen is important because they help support the trunk as well as assist in the breathing process. The muscles of your middle abdomen also protect some of the most vital organs including the liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. Aside from their anatomical function, well-toned abs muscles also add appeal to a person. Because of their importance to health and beauty, several manufacturing companies have come up with their own designs for abs-centered fitness equipment. One of these companies is the Life fitness equipment manufacturer.

Life Fitness provides effective solutions to flabby abs muscles with their innovative designs. Some of their highly recommended products for the abs are the following:

  1. Hammer Strength Bench
    This Life Fitness Equipment for the abs is designed to build muscle strength by providing a solid base for squats, dumbbells, abdominal machines, and weight trees and so on. It is built with an 11-gauge steel frame with an electrostatic powder coat finish. The company provides for a 10-year limited warranty for the equipment’s structural frame.
  2. Abdominal Crunch
    This abdominal crunch provides a dual-action to help build stronger and toner abs muscles. This machine is equipped with weight stacks that have been specifically designed for the independent leg or arm movement. The iso-lateral technology creates for a smooth movement of both limbs with either the same or different weights on each. And the built-in belt-drive system gives short, direct transmission of resistance.
  3. Abdominal Oblique Crunch
    Life Fitness Equipment has also engineered the revolutionary Abdominal Oblique Crunch. This tool has been built with a swivel seat to make sure that the oblique muscles equal amount of workout for a full abdominal wall. This is an example of exercise equipment that is movement-based so the result is a total body workout that affects multiple muscle groups.
  4. Circuit Series
    The circuit series are designed to fit the needs of those new to abdominal muscle workouts because they start with low resistance levels. Abdominal toning gears under this series are built with a biomechanically correct design that supports your body’ natural movements while the Lifeband Resistance System allows for incremental adjustments to fit the user’s progress and keep them on track for their exercise goals.
  5. Optima Series
    Meanwhile, the optima series are best used as bases for novice lifters. They come with weight stacks and full protective shrouds for ease of use and safety.
  6. Pro2 Series
    Lastly, the Pro2 series of abdominal crunches features the AbCam System that helps replicate the natural body movements during abdominal crunch exercises. Compared to the other abdominal series, the Pro2 series come with several additional safety features like the easy-to-use seat adjustments that automatically locks users in place as well as the presence of magnetic weight pins that lock the chosen weight to prevent pin loss.

The abdominal exercise gears by the Life Fitness are among the best when it comes to efficiency, ease of use, safety and easy storage.  But bear in mind that no matter how grand your fitness tools are if you don’t use them with proper diet, they will still be useless.

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