The Top Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

The Top Commercial Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

If you are looking for the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers to help you build up your muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular system make your whole body be leaner or just to make yourself a whole lot better in mind and body then you should check out this equipment from the following equipment manufacturers.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness has been around for over 40 years and since its emergence as one of the top manufacturers of fitness equipment, they have never faltered in providing top quality products that most of the renowned fitness gyms have been using.

gym stepper - Fitness ExpoThey have equipment for cardiovascular fitness treadmills, the Lifecycle Exercise Bikes, elliptical cross-trainers, summit trainers and stairclimbers.

They also have equipment for building up your muscle mass like their Signature Series Single Stations, Signature Series Cable Motion, Signature Series Benches and Racks, Signature Series Plate-loaded, the Pro2 Series, the Optima Series, the Circuit Series and the Fit Series.

If you’re looking to really build up your bulk then perhaps you would enjoy Life Fitness’ hammer strength equipment like the Plate-Loaded equipment, the Motion Technology Selectorized, Benches and Racks, Heavy Duty Racks, and a training vest to ensure you’re safety while performing heavy lifting.

The hammer strength series of Life Fitness is designed for those who prefer to create more bulk in their physique as well as those who want to cut their body into a leaner physique.

Also, the hammer strength series has more free weights, which would not only help you build up your muscles but also help you build muscle stability.

Life Fitness is one of the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers. Life Fitness has been serving the athletic community for the past 40 years and they have provided the best equipment money can buy to improve athletes’ muscles not just for rigorous playing but also for improving their agility and dexterity on the sports field.

With the hammer strength series, Life Fitness provides athletes a better way to build their muscles and with the Iso-Lateral Technology incorporated in their Plate-Loaded, MTS equipment and Ground Base equipment athletes can replicate their actions on the field inside the gym.



Precor is in the business of building one of the best fitness equipment to optimize a person’s workouts by making it feel very smooth and natural. Precor’s equipment has been in every health club, hotel, spa and even homes all around the world.

Precor-Treadmill- Fitness Expo StoresThey have been building their equipment, always anticipating what their customers would need and they have always centered on ergonomic motion and infused highly-efficient engineering and proven science on their products, which is why they are one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers for such a long time.

They have been providing the best equipment for almost thirty years and their mission to give customers the best equipment in exercising has never faltered.

They have several Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainers, Treadmills, Adaptive Motion Trainers, Exercise Bikes (Upright and Recumbent), Strength-building Systems, and Core and Stretching Equipment for your abs and lower muscle groups.

Precor is a wise choice for those who would like to stay in shape because they replicate a person’s natural body movements.

So when you are working out on a Precor equipment you will feel that the machines or tools that you are using move smoothly with your natural movements, put simply you will feel the equipment move with you instead of against you.

With their efficiency and superior engineering, Precor is definitely one of the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.


If you’re only looking for a treadmill for your fitness regimen then you should try out Pacemaster. For over 40 years, Pacemaster has been manufacturing the best treadmills in the fitness industry.

Their treadmills are being used in several gyms, hotels, spas, and homes across the planet. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with Pacemaster’s treadmills because of their ingenuity and efficiency.

Pacemaster’s treadmills can help you choose a speed and elevation that will be appropriate for your current level of fitness. It also helps you track your progress and help you elevate your level of fitness gradually so that you won’t feel the strain too much. By supplying the best treadmills Pacemaster is definitely one of the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.

If you are looking for exercise tools by this commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, check out

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