Top Personal Gym Equipment: Fold Up Space Saver

Let’s say you’re a health buff or maybe a body building enthusiast and you acquire a substantial amount of money. What may easily and immediately come to mind is to buy some personal gym equipment after that house you’ve always wanted. But having your own gym, whether for business or for pleasure, can be a little challenging. One of them is the enigma of where to put all those gear. It may not come to surprise how bulky a majority of the gym equipment in the market today. This results to a very cramped space that makes working out a hassle rather than an enjoyable and healthy experience. Of course the manufacturers didn’t really intend to make them so. The main purpose of these machines is to obviously trim and tone human flesh to perfection. By doing so requires a vast amount of cogs, poles, engines and energy. That’s why most gyms have a huge space allotted just to accommodate this predicament. One could always buy smaller versions normally seen on television. Although an issue that arises is the performance brought about by this personal gym equipment. It may be compact but it doesn’t compare to the level of function as the time and tested bulky ones have. Furthermore, it’s not all that easy to learn. But there can always be a compromise to these times of question. By purchasing the PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold Up VR, efficiency and performance you need in a treadmill. Due to its fold up design, this treadmill transforms providing you ample space. Also, this model has a 3 hp continuous duty motor that pushes the trainee like they were running through a rally race. Its speed ranges from 0.5 mph to 12 mph and an elevation range of 0% to 15% adjustable in 0.5% increments. Not only does it have the power but also the brains. The dashboard console offers motivational feedback for users much like a personal trainer. Also, with total control this personal gym equipment has express speed and incline key for quick and simple adjustments to accommodate that personal training touch. Also, due to its design, one could push more equipment in any confined space. This gives more freedom to the user in his or her training regimen, and for those that need the space folding can never be easier. This personal gym equipment in itself is a novelty for those avid enthusiasts around. Not only does it perform, it sparks a genius way of saving space. Storage placement can never be a problem with this type of treadmill.  It’s sleek and innovative design works for any environment and executes greatly not only to amateurs but with professionals. One should easily step on, run and afterwards after everything is all done one could simply fold it up to put away. So there’s no need to fret anymore! You can have that major league washboard build in no time at all! Visit one of our following Fitness Expo Stores locations: Metairie – (504) 887-0880 Baton Rouge – (225) 928-5751 Kenner – (504) 466-3966 Shreveport – (318) 861-1107 Jackson, MS – (601) 956-5681 E-mail: Call toll free: 1-800-323-1831