Top Ten Most Effective Exercise Machines for the Obese

Top Ten Most Effective Exercise Machines for the Obese

What most people overlook in exercising is the fact that most exercise machines are designed for a particular area of the body. You cannot pick random machines and expect great results in the area you want to focus on. However, for people who are overweight, any form of exercise will definitely help burn calories.

For most people especially those living in large cities like New Orleans, owning a personal gym is the best way to ensure regular exercise. With today’s hectic schedule, it is best to have home gym equipment to make it more accessible.

Exercising in the morning will help you get up and ready for the day’s challenges. At the same time, it helps control weight and tone muscles. The most effective workout equipment for the obese are those that provide fun and comfort. Exercising for a particular number of hours a day while controlling calorie intake are proven means of conquering obesity.

Another important consideration in choosing exercise machines for the obese is the fact that an overweight individual is more prone to injuries in the ankles and knees. The following are the top ten exercise machines for obese individuals.

Top Ten Exercise Machines for Obese Individuals

1.) Ab Machines – These equipments are made to help strengthen the abdominal muscles. The abdomen is considered to be one of the problem areas in both men and women. These machines are perfect for training these hard areas. However, it should be noted that these machines are only good if used alongside with cardiovascular workout machines.

2.) Elliptical Trainer – This machine is considered to be the best aerobic exercise or cardiovascular equipment for obese people. These equipments are usually referred to as the most efficient way to burn fats and calories.

3.) Pedometers – Using pedometers does not really result in weight loss. However, it does provide more motivation to increase activity levels. Taking more than 10, 000 steps each day is the minimum target so that one can lose weight.

4.) Motion Trainers – Agile dynamic motion trainers are composed of groups of elliptical trainers designed to make exercise safer and more comfortable. While the elliptical trainers generate single motion, the agile dynamic motion trainers cater to more movements.

5.) Stair steppers –These exercise machines have moderate to low intensity. In most cases, these machines are used as starters for people who are very obese. Using the stair steppers for about fifteen to thirty minutes a day will help improve cardiovascular fitness for the harder workout ahead.

6.) Stationary bicycle – This machine mimics the movements of an outdoor bicycle. The motions help burn up to 50 percent more calories.

7.) Exercise balls – This equipment provides versatility in movement. In fact, it burns more calories than bikes and stair steppers.

8.) Treadmill – For the last two decades, treadmills have been considered as one of the best exercise machines sold in the market. It is great for losing weight.

9.) Exercise bikes – These exercise machines are best for burning calories and boosting the cardiovascular system. People who live in busy cities such as New Orleans need to exercise without leaving their homes. This equipment is the best solution to this problem.

10.) Kettlebells – These cast iron weights build stability and strength. It works out the entire body as it helps build a stronger core.


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