Types of Outdoor Fitness Equipment: What Equipment to Choose For Your Fitness Needs

More and more people are stepping out of the gyms to exercise outdoors. It is so much easier to de-stress when you surround yourself with greens, breathe in fresh air and get some Vitamin D while you better your cardiovascular endurance. The only time when outdoor fun is not such a good idea is during the winter but if you are lucky enough to live in the west coast, you should be able to use your outdoor fitness equipment all year-round. In the interest of your safety and the longevity of your equipment, it is important that you know what types of equipment are built to withstand the outside environment. Generally, any outdoor fitness equipment should be portable so that you can focus your energy in working out rather than bringing it out. It is made of wood, rust-proof metal or a combination of the two to ensure that it withstands the weather conditions outside. It is minimalist in form for low-cost maintenance. Examples of outdoor fitness equipment that you commonly see are the components of a children’s playground. Children exert strength and effort to climb up the jungle bars. They use their leg and back muscles in using the swings and seesaws. All these may look like fun but they are actually tools for exercising. They help build strength and endurance while toning the muscles. Adult versions of outdoor equipment are simply large scale models of the sets found in the playgrounds. For instance, the chin-up bar is just the jungle gym made taller. Other types of outdoor exercise equipment for adults are:

  • Strength Training Equipments – back extensions, chest presses, climbers, leg presses, sitting rotators, sit-up benches, sky climbers, uneven bars, and vertical jumps.
  • Flexibility Training Equipments – balance beams and bounding bars
  • Cardiovascular Training Equipments – air walkers, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, quad spinners, ski walkers and swing sets
  • Conditioning Equipments – parallel bars, push-up bars and pommel horses

Importance of Fitness Equipment for Outdoor Use The popularity of outdoor fitness equipment can be attributed to the need to combat obesity through the encouragement of physical activity. The availability of numerous exercise equipments makes it possible for you to interact socially while burning calories at the same time. Some communities even create parks to encourage residents to go outside and have fun. After all, the healthy growth of a community begins with the health of its homeowners. But the primary importance of using outdoor fitness equipment is that it provides a positive impact to the environment. If you choose to exercise outside, you are not consuming electricity. Thus, you don’t have to pay additional electricity charges but you can still stay in tiptop shape every day. The evolution of fitness equipment continues to unfold to keep pace with the ever increasing number of people suffering from obesity. With the help of these inventions, people of all ages are given the chance to truly enjoy exercising. The health benefits will only come secondary to the great outdoor fun with the outdoor fitness equipment around. Visit one of our following locations: Metairie – (504) 887-0880 Baton Rouge – (225) 928-5751 Kenner – (504) 466-3966 Shreveport – (318) 861-1107 Jackson, MS – (601) 956-5681 E-mail: info@fitnessexpostores.com Call toll free: 1-800-323-1831