Understanding the True Value of a Fitness Consultation

Understanding the True Value of a Fitness Consultation

The true value of a fitness consultation is when an individual learns and understands more about personal training options that will specifically work for him or her to be able to achieve fitness goals.   

A fitness consultation varies from company to company on what will take place and how long it will be conducted.  

Most fitness centers give a free 60-minute fitness consultation. 

A worthy fitness consultation should not be based on a budget although the cost of a personal trainer plays a factor in how much someone invests in a fitness program.  

The cost should not determine your fitness program design and/or recommendation, otherwise, that would be a disservice.

Who Conducts a Fitness Consultation?

A fitness consultation is conducted by an exercise professional or one of the personal trainers in a fitness and personal training center or facility.

Most often these professionals are also trained on how to conduct a thorough fitness consultation so that they will be fun, motivating, and exciting for you as you share with them your desire to work towards your fitness goals.

The personal trainer should be able to get all the data needed to design a fitness program that is time-efficient and successful.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online fitness consultation has become the norm and more people prefer to fill out their details and communicate with their personal trainer in the safety of their home. 

 How to Prepare for a Personal Training Consultation

  • Wear comfortable and proper clothing  because you will be asked to do some exercises
  • Limit your food intake within 45 minutes before the fitness assessment because you will be asked to perform some workout 
  • Refrain from exercising on the same day of your fitness consultation schedule.  Exercise lightly the day before so you can perform at a maximum when you are asked to do certain exercises.
  • Stay hydrated.  Bring water and have it with you close by.
  • Bring a towel for wiping sweat

What to Expect in a Personal Trainer Initial Consultation

Personal Trainer Initial Consultation | Fitness Expo Stores

Fitness facilities differ in the way they conduct a fitness consultation.  These are typically (some or all) what you will be experiencing:

Personal Interview to Establish  Rapport and Analyze the Situation

Pertinent questions will be asked by a personal trainer or exercise professional to help them understand your fitness goals and your present needs in achieving them.  Some of the questions might go like this:

What are your fitness goals?

Do you want to improve your heart health?

Do you want to build muscle?

Do you want to trim inches?

Do you want to feel younger?

Do you have a health history about any injuries?

Do you have any past fitness regimens?

What is your current lifestyle and occupation?

What are you willing to do now to change?

What is stopping you from being at your desired fitness goal?


Measurements are a significant part of a fitness assessment during a fitness consultation.  

It serves as a baseline for your personal trainer and you as you progress to reach your fitness goals.

Although different professionals believe in different methods for measuring body or  girth, here are the typical tools you will expect to be used during the measuring part of your fitness consultation:

  • Body-fat scales like Tanita and Omron which gives readings on abdominal fat
  • Calipers for measuring body fat should be used accurately and precisely for true measurement.
  • Body measuring tape to take girth measurements around muscle groups in your neck, arm, chest, waist, hips/butt, inner thigh, and calf
  • Blood Pressure Cuff to take your blood pressure reading

The numbers measured mean a great deal for your health fitness and your fitness program.  

Ask your personal trainer what your numbers mean and where you need to work on to achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Test

You will go through a series of exercises so that the personal trainer will know your current fitness level.  The fitness test is conducted to gauge your overall fitness capability in terms of:

  • Cardiovascular 
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Lower Body Strength/Flexibility 
  • Core Strength

Fitness Program Recommendation

Fitness Program Recommendation | Fitness Expo Stores

Your personal trainer will sit down with you to talk about a personalized fitness plan.  

Both of you should work together to create fitness goals based on the information from the fitness consultation.  

The NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) recommends a goal-setting strategy as the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed) goal system.

A Successful Fitness Program from a Fitness Consultation

A personal trainer is expected to address the elements of a fitness consultation with time, competence, and critical thinking to be able to develop a truly successful fitness program, according to NSCA.

Thorough and complete fitness consultations have led to successful fitness programs not only for individuals with stable conditions but those who needed treatment for chronic pain, injury, physical disability, sleep disorders, stress, and symptoms following cancer surgery or treatment.

Should I Get a Fitness Consultation?

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