Unexpected Ways to Add Exercise to Your Busy Day

Unexpected Ways to Add Exercise to Your Busy Day

Many people feel guilty at the end of the day when they realize they did not fit exercise into the schedule. A hectic lifestyle often means finding ways to multitask to achieve everyone on your to-do list. Discover some unexpected ways to add exercise to your busy day, so you feel satisfied with your progress.


Sit and Exercise

Sitting and exercising often seem to be at odds, but you can do both at the same time. Learn stretches you can do at your desk while sitting down. Take a five-minute break every hour to stretch your arms, core, and legs.

Another option is to get a portable cycling machine that can be used under your desk. Get bicycling while you sit and work or watch television at home. Some of these small, portable devices even keep track of how far you cycled


Keep Walking

Many people are wearing fitness trackers to try to inspire them to fit more steps into a day. There are ways to keep walking without changing your usual routine. If a local errand is a few blocks away, walk instead of driving. Walk during your lunch hour and break.

For those who use public transportation, walk to a further bus or train stop. People who drive can park further away from their destination. Commit to joining a walking group or go for a regular stroll with a friend, family member or neighbor. Volunteer to walk the dog every morning and evening.


Look for Opportunities to Exercise

Do you take an elevator for work or to get to your apartment? Use the stairs instead. Are you constantly sitting on the bus or at work? Try standing up on the bus and at your desk instead of sitting. When you wash the dishes, do a few leg lifts and standing ab crunches.

Clean the house at a brisk pace and walk quickly when you mow the lawn. Turn on your favorite music to inspire you to move faster and with more enthusiasm. When you wake up in the morning, do a few sit-ups and leg lifts in bed before you let your feet hit the ground.


Workout at Home

If you have good intentions of going to the gym, it’s meaningless unless you get there. Having a membership card will not help you to get in shape. If your schedule is unpredictable, setting up a home gym is the answer. You can include your favorite gym equipment.

For example, if you enjoy spin classes, get a spin bike for your living room, den, basement, or garage. The Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle brings this fantastic fitness experience home for a reasonable price.


Make Weekends Active

Weekends are often a time to unwind and enjoy life. Add physical activities to your agenda. Go for a long hike at a wildlife refuge. Plan an evening of bowling with your favorite people. Schedule an overnight ski trip. Do something fun that gets you moving to include more exercise into your daily life.