Use the Precor EFX 221 Not Only this Winter, but for Years to Come

Use the Precor EFX 221 Not Only this Winter, but for Years to Come

A reliable piece of equipment can be hard to find. You want something that will help you keep fit during the winter months, and help you extend your fitness goals during the warmer months and for many years.


The Precor EFX 221 will keep you energized in your workout, as well as give you a quality routine that will be the most productive for you. This machine allows you to your workouts to be focused on toning your muscles and building cardio endurance. With a low impact workout, the Precor EFX 221 elliptical fitness crosstrainer is also smooth and natural in its movements. This elliptical focuses your workouts on the lower body with stationary handlebars.


The CrossRamp technology that Precor uses for many of its ellipticals. This allows you to adjust the height of the ramp for a smoother walking path. This is also called Variable Stride Geometry. This allows you to focus on any major lower-body muscle group, giving you the freedom to work out the way you want. The CrossRamp has three positions that it can be adjusted to manually. These three positions are 15-degrees, 20-degrees and 25-degrees.


The ramp is made from welded steel, with a silver powder coat finish. The resistance system is magnetic, allowing for a more smooth resistance. The pedals are reversible, with a locking pin.


The console unit has a lower storage area for water bottles or a remote control. The console itself is a high contrast, blue-white LCD with an overlay of acrylic. With multiple user ID’s, you can save the most recent workout for your routine. There is a workout default duration, as well as accurate calories and target heart rate calculations. Multiple users in the household are able to store their preferences. There is a limit of two user ID’s.


During the workout, your console will give you options such as a workouts key that will let you change your workout type and the enter key will let you update your age, weight, and duration of workout. The ten preset workouts range from 1-1 interval, to Aerobic, to Manual and Cross Trainer. The accelerator workouts also range from Aerobic to Gluteal.


The feedback metrics track time elapsed, time remaining, calories, heart rate, target rate, distance, strides, resistance, and percent completed. There are twelve metrics available during the workout, and four workout summary metrics. The heart rate monitoring is compatible with any Polar 5 KHz chest strap transmitter.


Come into our store in Metairie, Louisiana and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Not only are we trained on the equipment within our store, but we will help you find the piece that is best suited for your home gym and workout needs. Once the best equipment has been found, we will deliver it to your home. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with your new exercise equipment before we leave. It is our pleasure to make sure you are happy with your new workout plan and equipment.