Using Accessories To Help Improve Your Fitness

Using Accessories To Help Improve Your Fitness

Sometimes buying large equipment for your home is not the best option. However, you still want the option of getting an effective workout at home. For situations such as this, often accessories will help you to improve your overall fitness without the large equipment to take up space. Fitness Expo Stores has a wide variety of accessories that will help you with your overall fitness. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you to find the accessories that will help you and that will fit into your exercise plans.


The Spri Bosu Balance Trainer is a modern accessory that is receiving a lot of attention in home gyms. The rounded side with flat side for standing with help to improve your core balance, stabilization and training in body awareness. You can actually use it either way, rounded portion on top or bottom. The rounded side up is for an easier and more beginning exercise routine. Switch it to the bottom to make your exercise routine more difficult.


The Spri Braided Xertubes set has a wide variety of resistance tubes for working your upper and lower body. Use the Xertubes in conjunction with the Spri Deluxe Adjustable Speed Jump Rope. The adjustable length of segmented plastic rope will give a smooth motion with the ball bearing action of the plastic handles. The vinyl rope is pliable and will not mark up any flooring surface it is used on.


For an at home step-up class, try using the Spri Original Step. With a non-slip, shock-absorbing platform and mat, with the non-skid rubber floor pads, the Original Club Step is easy and fun to use. You could also try the Spri Step 360 Pro. This stepper has air chambers in the tubes used to support the flat surface. Use this stepper for jumping, landing and bounding activities. The combination of tubing and flat surface helps make this a great way to combine strength and balancing exercises.


If you want to add weights to your home exercise program, use the Spri Weighted Bars. These bars average 4-6 feet in length and have color coded endcaps to indicate the weight for each bar, as well as foam cushion padding for easy gripping. These weighted bars can be used for flexibility training, strength training, and balance workout programs.


Expand your exercise repertoire with the Spri Xercise Ball – Professional Plus Stability Balls. These balls have been designed for heavy and intense use in a club setting. So they will be able to handle anything you throw at them for your exercise programs. Choose the size that fits you best based upon your height.


The Fitness Expo team is eager to help you find the accessories that will boost your confidence and make your home exercise programs more beneficial. These and more high quality accessories are available at any of the stories located in Louisiana and Mississippi. Come to the store closest to you and meet with our friendly staff to find the accessories that will be a perfect match for your home.