Inside the Versatile Fitness Power of the Lateral X

Inside the Versatile Fitness Power of the Lateral X

In the mid-90s the company Precor revolutionized the exercise machine industry with their invention: the elliptical machine. Smooth and quiet, the elliptical machine was designed to be easier on the joints than a traditional treadmill and offered a stronger workout with less output from the user. Now it seems as if the company Octane has taken over as the leading innovator of elliptical machines with its one-of-a-kind Lateral X or LX8000.

It’s hard to compare the LX8000 with other elliptical machines because there is no other like it. Unlike most elliptical machines, which offer only one-directional movement, the LX8000 can move forward and back, up and down, and side to side, mimicking the training of pro-athletes, pro-skaters, and pro-runners.

With not one, but two sets of stationary handles, the user has the option of squatting low while exercising. This isolates the glutes, resulting in a tighter, firmer butt.

The LX800 comes with a variety of features including 13 workout programs, 30 resistance levels, digital contact heart rate monitor, workout boosters, 400-lb user capacity, and converging path handlebars for a better upper body workout. Another great feature of the Lateral X is the adjustable lateral width, which allows for greater muscle workout.

While the Lateral X does weigh a whopping 388 lbs, it measures in at only 75” long and 44” wide, making it the smallest, most innovative elliptical machine on the market. Coupled with the fact that it is self-powered, eliminating any need to plug it in, it is no wonder that this machine is generating rave reviews and was the 2012 recipient of the “Best Elliptical” award from one of the Health Club Industry’s trade shows.

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