The Versatile On-line 1450

The Versatile On-line 1450

Lats. Biceps. Triceps. Hamstrings. Quads. Pecs. Deltoids. Traps. Abdominals. Calves. These are just some of the muscle groups in your body that you will be working out as you go about your full strength training regimen. Each set of muscles has different attachment places in the body, and each do a different task in helping the body move. It’s important to work out every muscle group you have with weight training to stay fit, healthy, and strong.

Because every muscle group does something totally different, they each need to be strengthened in a different way. A hamstring curl won’t help your biceps or your pecs. An elevated bench press will do nothing for your calves. Each needs its own exercise to strengthen it, based on its function in the body. As such, you need LOTS of weight lifting exercises to work everything out. This could take a lot of strength training machines. Or just one.

The Vectra Fitness On-line 1450 is one of the best at-home gyms on the market. Specializing in weight training, this multi-bench system allows for literally hundreds of settings to get the right workout for your needs. You can find this great piece at any of our Fitness Expo showrooms, conveniently located across the great state of Louisiana (with a location in Missouri as well).

And speaking of “great states”, Vectra makes all its products right here in the United States, where the National Patent office has awarded them over 25 patents on their designs.

One of those patents is the finger tip release lever on the arm press bar, allowing for it to very easily be adjusted into over 20 positions using just a single finger. The bench is also fully adjustable into numerous positions and inclines for various exercises.

The system uses weight stacks and pulleys that distribute weight on a 1:1 ratio, so you always know the accurate amount of weight you’re lifting (unlike other home gyms where the pulley bears extra weight, allowing you “lift” more weight than you actually are). The whole system only takes up a space about 6″x6″, so it fits most living spaces with ease.