Vision T9550 – a Vision for the Rest of Us

Vision makes some amazing, professional quality treadmills. Some are very precisely designed to achieve a particular effect, or provide a specific type of feedback to their users. Then there are designs like the T9550, which is meant to be adaptable. It really is a treadmill for everyone, offering a range of adjustable features that mean it can meet anyone’s exercise needs.

The real joy of the T9550 is that it can be customized. Specifically, you get to choose which digital display suite you want to put in place. There are three main models of display you can choose from.

First, there’s the Simple console. Designed for single-button push and go activities, this console is inexpensive and straightforward. It is most useful for those with simple goals in mind – there are no extra programs to fiddle with, but it still provides heart rate feedback through the treadmill’s contact bars.

Next we have the Deluxe console. This is a good middleweight system, able to accept basic programming options without too many extra features. 18 programs are included, five of which can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Finally there’s the Premier console. This is for those who want to fine tune every part of their workout. Six users can create entirely customized profiles with this system, each suited to their individual needs. It even allows you to hook up a DVD player if you prefer to watch video right on your console instead of across the room.

You can find out which console version of the Vision T9550 is best for you at Fitness Expo stores. Louisiana residents can find shops in Kenner, Baton Rouge, Metairie, Mandeville, and Shreveport, while Jackson, Mississippi residents have a Fitness Expo all their own.

Fitness Expo employees aren’t like the workers you find in general big box shops that happen to have a fitness section. Each Fitness Expo employee is trained in body movement fundamentals, exercise effects, and in the machinery they have to offer, so you know for a fact that you’ll be getting high quality advice on which console the Vision T9550 should have to best benefit your workout.