Warm Weather Workouts for a Better Body

Warm Weather Workouts for a Better Body

Spring has sprung and with it comes the pleasure of warmer weather so you can get back to outdoor living. After spending time indoors, everyone is eager to appreciate the sunshine and longer days that come with spring as it slowly melts into summer. Discover the fun of warm weather workouts that make you feel more confident in your swimsuit and shorts during the body-baring days ahead.


Nature Hikes


Often trails are closed or open for a limited time during the winter. Now hiking enthusiasts can hit the trails and walk for miles. Bring along a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and a camera. Look for wildlife and birds along the way. Be ready to take photos of nature to appreciate during the coldest days of winter and inspire you to keep taking nature hike for years to come. Invest in a sturdy pair of sneakers or walking shoes to ensure you can go the distance without foot pain or injury.




If the water is cold or frozen, people tend to avoid outdoor exercises such as rowing. After all, nobody wants to fall into the chilly water on a cold day. As the spring progresses, the warm weather is also making the lakes and rivers warmer. This means it is an ideal time to start rowing again. Rowing builds upper body strength and lets you go to beautiful places that might not be accessible by car or foot. Because spring can also be rainy, continue to enjoy the benefits of rowing in you own home, regardless of the wet weather. The Lifecore LCR 99 rowing machine uses air and magnetic resistance with 12 programs for an excellent workout at home, Plus, it has a space saving folding frame for easy storage.




Rediscover the fun you had as a child by riding a bike. Some places rent bikes so you can see if you still enjoy riding. Once you build endurance, you can consider riding a bike to do local errands rather than driving a car or taking public transportation. This ensures you include workouts in your busy day and you are also doing something good for the environment.




Now that the weather is better, you can slip into your running shoes and go jogging to get the aerobic workouts your body needs to be healthy. Consider jogging around your neighborhood or go to the local track at a school or community center so you can keep track of your workouts. Wear a pedometer and challenge yourself to go a little further each day.




One of the memorable joys of late spring and summer is the chance to head to the local beach or pool for a good swim. No matter what your fitness levels, swimming, and water aerobics are wonderful ways to exercise. They are easy on the joints so reduce the possibilities of pain and injury. Plus, jumping in the water is a fun way to cool off on a hot day and get the exercise you need for optimum fitness.