What an Adaptive Motion Trainer Can Do for Your Workout

What an Adaptive Motion Trainer Can Do for Your Workout

If you have been trying to determine if you need to add an adaptive motion trainer to your fitness equipment, then the answer is yes. Adaptive motion trainers offer a number of features that can help make your workout more effective with less time. Here is what an adaptive motion trainer can do for your workout.


What is an adaptive motion trainer?

An adaptive motion trainer is a unique piece of equipment that allows you to change your workout by just moving naturally. With an adaptive motion trainer, you can change pace to go from walking to running. You can even change the height of your stride and go from climbing to lunging effortly and as you like.


Benefits of an AMT


The benefits of an adaptive motion trainer lie mainly in the fact that you are able to vary the engagement of your muscles. While you may start out with a low-impact cardio workout, you can easily change that workout to tone your muscles. Fitness Expo Stores offers the Precor AMT, which will allow you to burn a larger number of calories at a faster rate than you would be able to on other types of equipment. If you are looking for a top-notch workout, an adaptive motion trainer can deliver the challenge that you muscles need in order to become stronger and more toned.


Why It Works


The benefits of the Precor AMT are made possible by the fact that the stride length can be varied so widely. Users have the freedom to move between 0 and 27.5 inches. In addition, because the movement is natural, no two strides are alike. This means that every workout will be different which means a greater ability for your muscles to develop over time.


An AMT machine also makes interval training possible. Interval training has become quite popular as of late because of the fact that it varies the amount of time that your muscles are made to work and recover. The Precor AMT offers a preset interval workout option. You also have the freedom to interval train on your own by heightening the resistance and making a greater effort to push the handlebars while periodically reversing the amount of effort that you put in. The Precor AMT will respond by making your workout more or less difficult thanks to the Dual Plane Resistance feature.


The best part about this technology is that you have the option to vary the muscle groups that you want to work with preset workouts. This means that you will be challenged and given a variety of workouts to enjoy on a regular basis. No more plateauing with a Precor AMT. Now, you can build your muscle strength on a regular basis.


When it comes to muscle training, an adaptive motion trainer will deliver the results that you are looking for. To learn more about the Precor AMT available from Fitness Expo Stores.