What are Good Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Fitness Equipment?

What are Good Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Fitness Equipment?

Keeping your Metairie commercial fitness equipment in great condition is very important. Most gym-goers have seen equipment that are out of order. In some cases, the broken commercial gym equipment could be there for a day or even up to a month. There is nothing more frustrating for gym-goers than not being able to use the gym equipment they need for their training. 

Fitness Equipment will remain in an optimal function condition as long as you take proper care, carry out regular maintenance, and have timely repairs. Providing your Shreveport commercial fitness equipment with proper maintenance will improve their effectiveness, durability, and functionality. 

These are our selected maintenance tips for your commercial workout equipment:

Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Make sure that you go through the manual while providing maintenance to the commercial workout equipment. This information will allow you to take the required actions to carry out during the maintenance and offer guidance on what to do if the machine has a malfunction.

At Fitness Expo Stores, our commercial fitness equipment for sale always come with operations guidelines and manuals from the manufacturers.


When it comes to fitness equipment, the upholstery will receive a lot of beating. Some of the most commonly worn-out upholstery pieces are roller pads, elbow rests, knee rests, and benches. 

Most common issues with upholstery are cracks and discoloration caused by oils from the head and hair on the benches. They may also be caused by the lack of disinfectant moisture combined with a heavy pressure point such as elbows and knees.

The key to avoiding these effects is to use slipcovers on all your benches or machines where a headrest is provided and also to encourage your fitness equipment users to use a towel during the workout.

Our Precor DBR0119 comes with a strong and bold bench combined with an in-line design that provides maximum strength, stability, and longevity. Perfect against these issues.

Keep the equipment clean

Ensuring that the machine is clean is one of the most important maintenance services. It needs to be free of dust and completely dry. This prevents clogging and rust formation. 

It is very important to remove any dust on the gym equipment regularly as well as keeping the gym space tidy, dry, and free of water, otherwise, it may result in machine parts rusting.

Wax belts

Treadmill belts show a variety of signs when it is wearing down. Some of the times it squeaks while using it, it can also make a groaning sound, and sometimes the belt will stick a bit more when turning over. 

It is a common error to forget to wax the treadmill belt. Treadmills wax is often in powder form which is activated under heat when the treadmill is turned on. Spray the wax beneath the belt and make sure to spread it evenly throughout the entire belt. To make sure the wax is activated run the treadmill for several minutes on multiple speeds and inclines.

The BH Fitness LKT8 is a high-quality durable treadmill ideal for commercial gyms. It provides a maintenance-free system, eliminating the need for lubrication for up to 2 years.

Routine check and inspection

Checking the functionality of each equipment should be a practice done regularly as well as inspecting the belts, cables, and pulleys to make sure that they are working in an optimal condition. Routine checkups will also help in noticing and record any malfunctions and carrying out the required repairs and maintenance.

Final Thoughts on Maintenance Tips For Your Shreveport Commercial Fitness Equipment

Overall, in order to maintain the quality of any gym equipment is to clean regularly, perform a constant inspection and routine checkups. 

Gym owners are required to conduct proper routine maintenance and carry out regular checks on their commercial fitness equipment. Prompt repairs will help you keep the equipment in tip-top shape. 

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