What are the Best Brands of Commercial Gym Equipment in Baton Rouge?

What are the Best Brands of Commercial Gym Equipment in Baton Rouge?

For fitness gurus and exercise newbies in Baton Rouge, it can be quite a daunting task figuring out just who the best commercial gym equipment manufacturers are.

These days, fitness is a big industry and with so many competitors out there, many of them fly-by-night with no history or information about them. This makes picking out good equipment very difficult, especially if you’re really concerned about things like quality and effectiveness.

There’s nothing worse than slamming down your hard-earned money only to find out you just wasted money on a lemon. Unlike cars, there are no lemon laws for gym equipment so it’s important to be alert and do your research.

Hopefully, our expertise at Fitness Expo Stores can help you make the decision. We’ve been around the block (and our lap time is improving!) for over thirty years and have seen it all, so let us help you, dear Baton Rouge, with your questions.

Cardio Equipment

When you’re looking to get a good cardio workout, we here cannot recommend Precor enough. As commercial gym equipment suppliers for Baton Rouge, we’ve been extremely impressed with both our own results and the reports we get back from our customers about their range of cardio fitness machines.

Whether it’s stair steppers or treadmills, if you want to confidently get your cardio workout, Precor is ridiculously hard to beat and their AMT783 Adaptive Motion Trainer is one of their most innovative products and one of the most innovative cardio machines on the market, end of sentence.

Weight Training Equipment

For those looking for commercial gym equipment for sale of the weight training type, we highly recommend PowerTec. While they’re the relatively new kids on the block, their design team is comprised of the best in the industry and has built the best bodies on the planet. They know what the demanding fitness addict needs to walk out of your facility feeling like a million bucks and know that they want that feeling to transfer into performance and physical results.

Their Workbench MultiSystem is known for both its ability to hit every main muscle group with equal effectiveness and it’s durability to stand up to the most demanding of training regimens. It’s built like a tank and it itself can build tanks.

Specialized Stations

If you’re looking to outfit your Baton Rouge commercial gym with the equipment we have for sale and want to that unique ‘station’ style, Torque’s coverage of specialized stations are unmatched in the industry. They have a complete line of ultra-specialized strength training equipment that helps your patrons target exactly the part of the body they want without being distracted or confused about what it is they’re supposed to be doing.

They’ll be right on machines like the Torque M8 Abdominal and then moving on to the next station, no station hogging here. They have nearly a machine for every single muscle on the body except the brain (which, if you’re a person of total fitness, you’ll exercise that muscle too – a the gym of the mind!) including machines for Leg Press, Chest Press, Standing Calf, Pec and Rear Deltoids, Leg Curling and more.

Each one is built to last in the commercial setting and can take a beating and would ask for more if these machines had a mouth. Luckily for you, they don’t, just an appetite to get your gym members building muscle.

Several of their specialty machines cover muscle groups that other multi-machines simply can’t cover, so if you have multi-workbenches in your facility, you can augment the workout coverage with just one or two of Torque’s array of specialty workout kits.

As one of the longest-running leaders of Baton Rouge commercial gym equipment suppliers, we stand by the manufacturers we carry. We know that quality of build along with durability and effectiveness to deliver the kind of workout people want are only a handful of the concerns gym owners are looking for and we have the expertise of over thirty years doing the leg work for you. We know our equipment and suppliers the same way you know your gym and we take it very seriously.

If you want to get more information about our line up, we encourage you to give us a call at 225-686-5620 to speak to one of our many reputable experts or come see our showroom in Baton Rouge in person and even give some of our equipment a look. We also have showrooms in Kenner, Metairie, and Shreveport where you can purchase gym equipment.