What are the Best Health Fitness Equipment to Transform Your Butt?

What are the Best Health Fitness Equipment to Transform Your Butt?

There are some specific exercises if you are looking to work on toning your buttocks with the right volume when you visit a gym. However, there are certain Shreveport health exercise equipment that will boost your workout that will get you that toned butt you always wanted. 

Machines are helpful when you are working out. Their guided motion allows you to pinpoint which muscles to exercise and that is the reason we are going to show you the best equipment that will help you work that butt.

These are not magic machines but, with their proper use, you will be able to focus your effort on this part of the body that a lot of people try to get in shape. 

A butt is a muscle group composed of three muscles: Gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Getting an in-shape toned butt will depend on the development and tonicity of these set of muscles.

Leg Press

Leg press machines are some of the underrated glute machines out there. Women regularly look away when it comes to this machine. Men are usually crowded on it for their leg workouts. The leg press machine is one of the most effective when it comes to glute and leg toning, thanks to its motion which can be quite similar to squats, it certainly is the best exercise to achieve firm buttocks. Feet position is essential when doing the leg press, working out your quadriceps requires your feet lower on the machine, however, if you are looking to work on your buttocks then make sure to position your feet higher on the machine and use a wider stance.

Our recommended equipment for leg press is the Precor CO10ES Leg Press which features an articulating footpad that simulates a squat movement and allows for full extension during calf exercise. The add-on weight can easily be engaged by users with a simple push of a lever to increase workload.

Additionally, the Hoist HF4357 Leg Press offers a free weight and personal training system built with superb components and unique space-saving designs offering a fun lower body workout perfect for your glute toning.


Although this is a cardio machine, step-ups are one of the top glute building exercises after the squat. Using this machine combined with cardiovascular activity is a perfect formula for an effective exercise. 

Its motion mimics climbing stairs which focuses the exercise on your glutes and leg muscles. If you want to go further on your glute workout then a good option would be to work multi-directionally on the machine. You can also try skipping a step to target the deeper glute muscles and take turns side-stepping while facing in both directions so you can target your butt muscles from different angles.

The Stairmaster Stepmill 3 will target glutes, buttocks, calves, and core muscles, including more than 25 workouts with plenty of options so the user can vary their exercise routine. This climber also features a side-step movement which allows different muscles to be worked.

As our special recommendation, we are including the Stairmaster Treadclimber 5 which programs offers an easy to use for homes or commercial gyms. This tread climber includes some comfort features such as a built-in adjustable cooling fan and water bottle holders as well as an integrated stop button and contact heart rate grips.


Also known as one of the best options to work out your buttocks at the gym while also achieving an in-shape body. The use of an elliptical machine implies an elevated amount of calories burnt. The secret of the elliptical machine on working your glutes is to put it in reverse to target your butt instead of just pedaling your feet forward.

Backward pedaling challenges you to specifically work certain hard-to-work muscles and will also engage your core while you work to remain balanced moving backward. Increasing the incline will increase the pressure to your backend. The perfect challenge for your glutes workout is to make the resistance on the elliptical so difficult that you are only capable of completing a one-minute cycle before rest if you want to target your glutes.

Perfect ellipticals for your buttocks toning includes the Precor EFX222 Energy which combines Precor’s CrossRamp Technology with moving handlebars for a total body workout. Heart rate monitoring, 10 preset programs, and headphone jacks.

Last but not least we have the Octane Q37X which has won numerous awards and one of Oprah’s favorite thins in 2012. it is extremely comfortable for the user and it is worth to mention its close pedal spacing, multi-grip handlebars, and wireless heart rate monitoring.

If you want to get the best health fitness equipment here in Shreveport, visit Fitness Expo today!