What are the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise?

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise?

Our mental and physical health are closely related, and with more and more studies and research put into it we’re discovering that they’re even more closely tied than we ever thought. 

Regular exercise as little as 15 minutes of cardio training such as running or HIIT on an elliptical machine a day can have all sorts of positive effects on our mental and physical health

Its effects may include an increase in our sense of well being, a boost in energy and motivation to perform our daily tasks, improve our sleep, and reduce the impact of sleeping disorders like insomnia. 

Exercise can also increase our long and short term memory and problemsolving skills. 

Exercise And Depression 

Exercise alone has been found to be as effective at treating mild to moderate depression symptoms as effectively as medical antidepressants without having the chemical side effects. 

The release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain functions as a wonderful and natural antidepressant that our body provides to us during any vigorous cardio activity.

A study found that 15 minutes a day of running can reduce the risk for major depressive disorder by 26%. 

But the chemicals released in the brain aren’t the only valuable antidepressant benefits of exercise. If a good workout routine is maintained and better physical health is worked on then increased body image and self-esteem can also be great boons to depression sufferers.

Exercise and Anxiety

Exercise is also helpful for anxiety. The rhythmic elements of a daily run can get your mind off the constant stream of worry and stress that fuels your anxiety. 

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule can build your confidence, reduce your stress levels, and keep you moving each day with less anxiety and more time to be productive.

Exercise and ADHD

While it doesn’t sound as intuitive as the other mental problems that exercise helps with, exercise can actually help reduce the symptoms of ADHD. 

Regular strenuous cardiovascular exercise with a machine like the Horizon Fitness EX59 Elliptical actually boosts the brain’s production of hormones like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which helps boost focus and attention levels. 

By regularly exercising, you can combat the necessity of using pills to fight ADHD symptoms and live a more stable life.

Exercise, PTSD, And Stress

In much the same way that exercise helps with anxiety, exercise also benefits those suffering from trauma and PTSD by regulating their stress levels and using the same grounding and mindfulness techniques to make them aware of their own body. 

Regular exercise boosts confidence, your self-awareness of your control, and breaks the cycle of living with trauma by taking back control over your life.

What Equipment Do I Need For Mental Wellness Exercise?

Your exercise equipment can be as simple as a pair of good running shoes, some track pants, and tank tops to get you outside and running. Exposure to sunlight can be a great benefit to many people living sedentary indoor lives as vitamin D is also important for mood regulation.

But not everyone enjoys running outdoors. The good news is that there are excellent alternatives. 

You can get an elliptical fitness machine or treadmill and set it up in front of a TV and watch an episode of your favorite show while you power through your daily cardio time. 

You may also want to get a yoga mat to do your pre or post-workout stretching to really enjoy the benefits of looser and more relaxed muscles throughout the day.

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