What Do Local Fitness Consultants Do?

What Do Local Fitness Consultants Do?

The Life of a Fitness Consultant

If you’ve just opened your first gym, or have been looking into expansion, you may be experiencing gym-owner shock. And you’re not alone. Running a gym is hard work and you realizing the scope of work and tasks that need to be accounted for can be downright overwhelming. Things like liability insurance, marketing strategies, customer service, staff management, program development, and equipment maintenance are all your responsibility.

It’s a lot to handle, but fitness club consultants can help you get things done and strategically plan for success, from selecting and budgeting for new exercise equipment like those shiny elliptical machines you’ve had your eye on, to the more mundane day to day work of operating and running a business.

You have a passion for helping others become healthier. Don’t let the details of gym management and stresses of sole proprietorship stress you out; instead, look to hire fitness industry consultants to help guide you toward gym success.

In this article, we’ve listed five areas our Metairie LA fitness club consultants can help you strategize more efficiently and grow your gym stress-free.

Fitness Consultants Can Market Your Gym

Simply opening a gym isn’t enough to bring in new members. Even a grand opening event, fitness industry consultants warn, won’t provide enough momentum to carry you through the slower spring or fall seasons. You’ll need constant, consistent marketing and branding to ensure steady membership growth for years to come.

A fitness club consultant can help you understand the fitness industry’s marketing tools. They’ll provide the expertise needed for successfully marketing your gym, then map out a strategy for success.

Should you advertise your brand-new exercise equipment? Post pictures on Facebook showing current members on elliptical machines to prove your members’ enthusiasm? Run a contest to encourage members to invite their friends for a free trial? Your fitness club consultants will guide you in deciding the ideal promotional strategy for your gym.

Fitness Consultants Will Energize Staff

When you bring in fitness club consultants from Fitness Expo, you’ll introduce new faces to your gym staff. You’ll introduce a new person – a seasoned professional – to your team. A consultant can energize your gym. They can help your staff become passionate about their work by explaining the benefits of helping others with fitness in new ways. They’ll lend validity to your efforts by proving your seriousness about success. And if you need help managing HR matters, your fitness club consultants can offer valuable insights into gym staff management.

Struggling to schedule those evening and weekend slots with new staff members? A fitness industry consultant can work with you to develop weekend-shift incentives.

Still hiring staff? Talk with our fitness consultants in Metairie, Louisiana to learn best hiring practices for gyms (they’re different from regular offices or retail businesses).

If you’re still building your “dream team,” talk with a Fitness Expo club consultant. We’ll help make your dream team a reality.

Fitness Consultants Help Manage Equipment Properly

Do you have a maintenance schedule for your equipment? Do you need to budget and select the right new exercise equipment for your studio or fitness center? A club consultant can help you make the right choices for your brand, budget and member needs.

Gym equipment – like elliptical machines, treadmills, weights, stair steppers – must be maintained properly to continue operating safely. If you run a gym, the safety of your members is in your hands. It’s crucial to keep all the equipment running smoothly at all times.

At your fitness industry consultants meeting, you can receive expert tips on seasonal maintenance. Sometimes, gym owners are unsure whether they have all the equipment necessary to keep members happy. If that’s you – don’t worry. Your fitness club consultants will talk through your membership demographics, identify top fitness needs, and help you find top-quality (and affordable) machines.

Ready to scope out some new fitness equipment with your fitness advisor? Check out a few of the popular categories we can help your gym with below:

Fitness Consultants Advise On Financial Plans

While a Fitness Expo fitness consultant is no replacement for a financial analyst, our fitness consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in guiding gym finances. Talk with your consultant about membership rates, discounts and sales, maintenance costs, and employee salaries to discover where you’re spending too much (or not enough) for success.

A common problem for new gym owners is misappropriating finances – or failing to invest in services that draw in membership. New exercise equipment is an attractive investment, for example, but quality showers may have a better payoff (depending on your member demographics).

Many of our valued clients have a background in business or fitness when they open their gym. Still, owning a gym remains an eye-opening experience in understanding others’ fitness preferences. Your experienced fitness club consultants can point out areas of potential in your business that you may not see; then, they’ll build a financial plan with you that allows appropriate investment in those member-attracting services.

Fitness Consultants Will Guide Your Gym Toward Your Vision

Ultimately, as a gym owner, you have a unique and powerful vision for your gym. You want to see members’ lives transformed. You want to see friends working out together and cheering each other on. You have a plan – we’re here to support you in it.

Our fitness industry consultants won’t shove strategies down your throat or turn your gym into a cookie-cutter version of other gyms. Instead, they’ll listen to your vision, learn what matters to you, and help you succeed. Building membership and maintaining equipment are just small steps toward the main purpose of your gym. With our fitness consultants in Metairie, you can accomplish your vision without making catastrophic mistakes along the way.

How To Get Started With Fitness Consultants

At Fitness Expo, we’re proud to offer our customers high-quality equipment and valuable advice. We offer fitness consulting services so gym owners can have the tools needed for gym success – advice as valuable as new elliptical machines and colorful membership cards. If you’ve opened your own gym, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, give us a call today. Let our fitness club consultants handle the work in building your own local gym.