What Does a Rowing Machine Do For Your Body?

What Does a Rowing Machine Do For Your Body?

Rowing exercise machines in Louisiana are some of the best upper body cardio machines on the market. 

They burn your fat and tone and strengthen your abs, helping sculpt your core in an incredibly efficient manner. 

Along with this, they are very calming and somewhat fun machines, and they have a very different kind of activity than most other machines.  It’s quite a unique experience. 

Either way, they are some of the better exercise machines and a must-have for everyone who takes their fitness seriously.

Rowing machines are low-impact cardio workouts that imitate the motion of rowing while in a boat in the water. 

Using rowers means that you are trying to burn fat, raise your heart rate, and of course, you get to sweat. Along with this, they make your middle section of the body look a lot better over time, such as through toning the muscles and eventually getting it to look better. 

However, if you use them incorrectly, there may be little or no noticeable improvement to your body. 

Want to get the most out of your rowing machine? Here’s our guide to help you

Upgrading Your Exercise Program with Rowing Fitness Machines

To get the most out of your rowing machine experience, you have to pay attention to most of the things you do. 

While this sounds overwhelming, it really isn’t. You only have to pay attention to your body posture, and this doesn’t just make improving yourself easier, but it also reduces injuries such as muscle strains or tensions. 

Your back has to be in a naturally arched position for both the forward and backward strokes. 

In your backward strokes, your knees must be in a straight position before you make the pull to your torso.

You can also intensify your rowing by rowing a bit faster, but the better way to do so is the do it in a 20-minute workout program based on intervals. 

With intervals, you break the intensity back and forth between high and low. Not only this, but you could, of course, do it faster if you’re up for that. 

Why Should You Use Rowing Machines?

Rowing machines are often overlooked when it comes to exercising. 

We’ve even heard people question why they should use something that looks like a kid’s big wheel tricycle when they can use something tried and true like the treadmill. 

The truth of the matter is that you should use a rower because they’re more efficient than some treadmills while helping tone different muscle groups. 

Just because both machines are cardio-based doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. 

Rowing gives you one of the best fat-burning experiences that cardio machines can offer due to using both your upper and lower body in harmony with each other. 

Rowing machines literally force you to exercise with almost every muscle group- back, chest, arms, legs, abdominals, and all of this burns fat remarkably well. 

Usually, when we think about weight or fat loss, our thoughts immediately go to jogging. But jogging gets us tired rather quickly – not many people have the stamina to keep up with the demands of jogging. 

However, when it comes to the much less traditional rowing machines, we aren’t just able to change the speed or the resistance, but you yourself can change the intensity by doing it somewhat differently. 

That really is how versatile these rowing machines are. 

At Fitness Expo Stores, we have some of the best brands that make these rowing machines, such as WaterRower, who actually only make top-quality rowing machines, Life Fitness, that makes versatile home-use machines, and Matrix, who makes machines that are great for commercial uses like gyms or maybe even break rooms if you have that kind of office. 

Altogether, rowing machines like the BH Fitness S1RW Rower may be one of the best machines for total fitness. 

They tone and shape nearly all of your muscles at once, are able to help you lose a well amount of fat through its cardiovascular benefits, and they strengthen your core by using all your muscles and having them harmonize to exercise well. 

Try to make sure to remember all this the next time you head to the gym or out to buy some exercise equipment at one of our Fitness Expo Stores. 

Rowing machines are altogether one of the most versatile and useful gym equipment machines available.