What Exercise Equipment is Good for Abs?

What Exercise Equipment is Good for Abs?

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Toned Abs

Flat, chiselled and hard abs have often been perceived as the sign of whether someone is in shape. Wanting to gain a six-pack often the New Year’s Resolution of thousands of Metairie residents hoping to shed the pounds of fat covering that pristine stomach.

While overall fitness is measured by more than just abdominal definition, we cannot deny the importance of a toned core. Our cores are used for a plethora of other exercises and offer a myriad of health benefits when properly trained and maintained, including better posture and support.

So, when it comes to our cores and primarily our abdominals, what is the proper exercise equipment for abs to use for training? The myriad of options available can seem overwhelming, and resolutions often fade quickly for no other reason than not knowing where to even begin.

Luckily for you, dear reader, Fitness Expo is here to help!

You don’t have to subscribe to an expensive gym membership to improve your fitness regimen. You can easily find exercise equipment for abs to that you can incorporate at home or on the go. Below, we’ll discuss options you can use to help improve your abdominal fitness, from basic support items to full-sized residential gym equipment.

Good Exercise Equipment for Abs

Basic Supports: Foam Rollers and Stability Balls

An all-out home gym might not be in your budget— that’s OK! a variety of support tools are available to help transform almost any exercise into a full workout, including exercise equipment for your abs. Of these, the most popular, versatile, and affordable tend to be medium- to high-density foam rollers and stability balls. Each of these supports is available in several styles and colors tailored to fit your style and fitness routine.

For additional stability, flexibility and core support, consider adding the Teeter EP 560 Manual Inversion Table to your lineup. This machine reduces spine and core pressure and tension, relieving pain, improving mobility and enhancing core mechanics.

Strengthening Supports: Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, and Dumbbells

You can enhance movements through the use of resistance and weights. A twist, lunge, or other movement starts to require more muscles and move beyond conditioning. Resistance bands, kettlebells, and dumbbells are all tools that can enhance your home fitness routines to better strengthen your core and lower abdominals.

Good exercise equipment for abs offers versatility to your workouts while steadily training the muscles. These enhancement items can be used from any position with proper care, though heavier dumbbells and kettlebells should only be used with proper spotting. As with any home workout routine, safety is key.

Stepping Up by Sliding Down: Ab Wheels, Rollers, and Sliders

While they use similar motions, ab wheels, rollers, and sliders are technically separate items. The number of wheels, the height, and the resistance offered will all affect your workout. these three items are useful for training your upper abdominals, core, and overall fitness. They are also inexpensive, making them a great choice for the at-home exercise experience.

Rollers offer more support for your neck and help avoid strains, while wheels can better affect your lower back. All of these options are easy to travel with due to their small sizes, so they’re great for anyone who has to travel.

Ready to improve your balance and engage your core? Consider adding the Spri Bosu Balance Trainer to your at home fitness equipment.

At Home Fitness Equipment for your Abs: Sit-Up Benches, Ab Coasters, and Rowing Machines

At home fitness equipment isn’t limited to supports, weights, and portable enhancers. You can also invest in exercise machines like you would find in a fitness center. The three main machines for training your core and abdominal muscles are sit-up benches, ab coasters, and rowing machines.

Sit up benches take one of the most basic exercise movements and exponentially enhance it. Of the available exercise equipment for abs, these are one of the most common. You can adjust the angle of the bench, thus adjusting the resistance. Despite their name, these benches are not limited to sit-ups— you can use them for crunches, leg raising, twists, and more.

An ab coaster’s curved frame helps you work on all three levels of abdominal muscles and your obliques. To use, simply knees on the comfortable pad, and then pull yourself up with the grips; make sure you contract your core to assist with the pulling motion.

Rowing machines are built to mimic their namesake action with the added benefit of resistance and speed adjustments. You can start at an easier pace and steadily work your way up in difficulty to train your core, arms, and shoulders.

Ready to take back control of your midsection? Consider high quality at home fitness equipment like those from Life Fitness or the impressive AB Coaster CTL.

Ready to Train Your Core?

Many of the brands you see in commercial gyms also offer home-based varieties for your work out, such as Life Fitness’ Row GX Trainer. When you purchase a machine through Fitness Expo of Metairie, our expert consultants can provide advice for your at-home workouts to get the best out of your machines.

Have questions? We have answers.

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