What is the Best Cardio Exercise for Home?

What is the Best Cardio Exercise for Home?

Investing a High-Quality Cardio Equipment

If you’re like most residents of Shreveport, beginning an exercise routine can be a daunting task. It can be strange and overwhelming to go to a gym where you feel swallowed up and judged by all of the “fit people.”

Instead of spending money on that gym membership, why not invest in workout equipment for home? Searching for the best home gym exercise equipment doesn’t have to be confusing or time-consuming. Instead, it’s best to begin by taking a look at some of the best home exercise equipment for beginners.

This guide will explore the best cardio exercise workout equipment for home use, helping you fast-track your journey to a fit and healthy life!

The Essential Exercise Equipment for Home

Most workout equipment for home-based use are cardio machines, and as such, it’s important to learn which machines will allow you to burn a maximum number of calories in a very minimal amount of time.

The best home exercise equipment for beginners is often the elliptical machine. There are, however, a wide range of highly effective and exciting options available for residents of Shreveport that will allow you to escape boredom and burn a maximum number of calories, all while having a lot of fun all within the comfort of your own home.

Whether you bought new workout equipment for home, or you purchased used home exercise equipment, the key is knowing what’s best to buy and how best to use your precision fitness equipment.

Let’s explore the best home gym exercise equipment for cardio:

  • The Treadmill

    The treadmill is effective, functional, and highly available for purchase. You truly cannot go wrong with this basic piece of exercise equipment for home. As far as functionality goes, the treadmill will allow your body to move in the most natural and effective way possible. Another plus is that this piece of home gym exercise equipment is one of the best home exercise equipment for beginners because of it’s easy to use construct. Simply adjust the incline for your difficulty level, set your speed, and either listen to music or watch your television while using it. Your workout will be completed in no time!

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  • The Rowing Machine

    The rowing machine is effective, functional, and also highly available for purchase to use as home gym exercise equipment. According to experts, this machine is one of the most effective ways to get your cardio workout in. The big trick with this machine is to keep proper rowing form as you are performing the action. Poor form will not only injure you,
    it will also render the exercise less effective. Simple ten-minute intervals will be enough to burn a ton of calories while putting in minimal time.


  • The Stair Stepper

    Put simply, this piece of machinery feels just like walking up a set of stairs that never ends. This home gym exercise equipment will have your legs looking and feeling strong in no time. One drawback, however, is that some people will place all of their upper body weight on the stepper’s main frame and handles. This will not give you as effective a workout as you might be looking for. Remember to hold your form and only use the handles for resting your hands on, not for leaning over.

The stair stepper is no doubt a great piece of cardio workout equipment for home. We suggest giving the Stairmaster TreadClimber 5 a look.

  • The Airdyne

    Even though the overall look of this bike is unappealing, for a type of precision fitness equipment, it certainly fits the bill for delivering an earth-shattering workout. The key is to be consistent when you pedal because the harder you pedal, the higher the wind resistance ramps up. Most personal trainers recommend 30-second intervals with one-minute rests in between.


  • The Spin Bike

    As far as most types of exercise equipment for home goes, you will commonly find the spin bike within most home gyms. Even though it packs a little less punch than the Airdyne, it certainly does deliver an exceptional cardio workout. The only major issue that most users encounter with this type of home gym exercise equipment is the lack of comfort that the seat offers. And if you find yourself sitting on your spin bike for extended periods of time, you might want to invest in a gel-type seat cover to avoid any undue bruising in the gluteal area.

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  • Jacob’s Ladder

    Though this piece of precision fitness equipment offers a fun, full-body workout, the main issue here is the product’s lack of availability when it comes to buying one for your home gym exercise equipment circuit. But, if you do manage to try one out at your local gym, don’t be surprised if the overall movement feels awkward at first. No worries though, once you get a groove down, you will love the workout that this unending ladder gives.

What does the Research Say?

As far as studies go, The Journal of American Medical Association found that among the many types of exercise equipment for home, the number-one top overall pick time and again was the basic treadmill. In fact, the treadmill offered the highest rates of energy burn and aerobic demand when compared to other cardio-based precision fitness equipment and exercise equipment for home.

Closing Thoughts

No matter which workout equipment for home use that you choose, rest assured, any exercise will be better than no exercise at all. And having home gym exercise equipment available at Fitness Expo will set you going in the right direction for a healthier and stronger you.