What Is The Best Exercise Equipment For Core Strength?

A good exercise is good for the well being of the body as well as the mental state. 

This is not the only thing that one looks forward to achieving when someone visits a gym. 

Some look forward to having ripped out muscles and achieving maximum fitness while others look to strengthen some parts of the body, so they focus on those points alone. 

You need to have the right equipment if you need the best results. 

The Best Equipment for Core Strength

Hoist CF-3252

The Hoist CF-3252 is a vital equipment when you are exercising for core strength. 

This equipment possesses the right features to enable you to reach the maximum stretch. 

One of the best features is the two sets of the handgrip that helps one to easily indulge in an easy vertical knee exercise as the handgrip provides enough space for grip as you go on with the exercise. 

Hoist CF-3252 exercise equipment - Fitness Expo
Hoist CF-3252

Another key feature of this amazing equipment is the angled armrests. These offer enough comfortable working space for the vertical knee raising exercise.

Another important feature of this equipment is the angled dip handles. 

This type of angled dip handles help to ensure that every user is accommodated despite their size and height. 

Additionally, there is an optional fitness tree which is available to all the clients in need of the fitness tree. 

It’s also important to note that this equipment’s maximum weight capacity is 1000lbs which is equivalent to 454 kg.

Hoist CF-3754 Dual Action Smith

A fun of tough and core exercises is aware of the existence of this unique equipment as it takes the game to a whole new level. 

The new CF line comes equipped with the new technology which makes it more compliant with the exercise and also it has become much more durable than in the recent past. 

Hoist Dual Action Smith gym equipment - Fitness Equipment
Hoist CF-3754 Dual Action Smith

Some of the features that this unique equipment possesses include the following, adjustable safety tiers. 

It ensures that every person can accommodate the equipment, they are only supposed to adjust the equipment to fit their size and need.

The Hoist CF-3754 Dual Action Smith also has the capacity and space to hold up to 10 weight plates, this aids in storage. 

The storage weight starts from 52 lbs (24kg)   to a maximum storage weight of up to 1.450 lbs (612kg), moving on to the maximum exercise weight to be done on the equipment is 540 lbs which are equivalent to 245 kg.

The Abs Coaster CS1500

This is the best equipment for doing the abs. It’s specifically created for toning the abs, and this certain model happens to be comfortable to the user and made of stainless steel. 

Hotels and community gyms have decided to invest in Ab Coaster CS1500 because it is one of the most positively reviewed by several fitness experts. 

Some of the favourite parts for most fitness experts are the ultra glide nylon rollers and the thicker handles that give the person exercising adequate stability. 

Ab Coaster core exercise equipment - Fitness Expo
Abs Coaster CS1500

It’s perfect because it targets the whole abdominal section so you do not have to do extra exercises if your goal is to strengthen the abdomen.

Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

This is the best exercise equipment for the whole body because it stretches the muscles and improves flexibility. 

The maximum weight for the machine is 113kgs and provides good exercise for the body to stretch daily. 

The Precor 240i Stretch Trainer can be used in both commercial fitness centres as well as personal gyms and has padded bars that aid in controlling the intensity of the stretches. 

The best part about it is that it is affordable.

Precor stretch trainer - Fitness Expo
Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

Get Your Own at Fitness Expo

Apart from the ones above it is advisable to try climbers and bikes. 

When looking to strengthen the core, it is important to start with the easier exercise equipment then move on to the more challenging ones. 

This makes for an easier transition because the body will not feel overwhelmed by difficult exercises and you will be motivated too. 

Remember the difference will not be automatic. Keep at it and with time you will start to notice the difference. 

You can always get the advice of an expert such as Fitness Expo or have them train you at home or in a fitness centre.