What Is The Best Home Workout Without Equipment?

What Is The Best Home Workout Without Equipment?

One of the most common reasons people skip working out is because they don’t have the equipment. They don’t have a home gym or any machine that could simulate gym workouts.

Doing exercises without equipment is better than not doing any workout at all!

However, experts have proven that home workouts using bodyweight exercises can produce the same results as the gym.

A workout without equipment will include movements that can target key muscle groups.

The Benefit of Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight exercises are closed-chain movements that use more muscles than weight training.

It is the reason why this type of best no-equipment workout can lead to noticeable muscle gains.

stretching girlYour strength will increase in tandem while you take notice of the results it is giving.

No Weights workout can also aggravate the joints and increase the chances of injury.

Using your body is safer for your joints.

Your body will always use different muscles to accommodate the movements.

With consistency, you can do some amazing physical maneuvers.

Using your body will also help you become lean.

It becomes easier to lose fat, and the progress you’ll see will be natural.

Workout without a gym, there are times when you stall, and you can’t progress beyond what you’re lifting.

As you’re getting to your ideal weight and body fat percentage, your bodyweight training will also improve in performance.

Of course, even if you’re doing a safer equipment workout with less risk of injury, you should still warm-up before starting.

You need your heart rate up and your blood flowing to accommodate the movements you will be doing.

Don’t just stretch, but get your muscles active and warm so that you can train them at their best capacity.

Key Movements

Certain bodyweight exercises target many muscles at once. Each one of them will save you time and give you the best results possible. Incorporate all these into your workout routine for the best results.


Push-ups are one of the most commonly known bodyweight exercises, and it is also one of the most effective.

It works out your core, shoulder muscles, chest, and triceps.

You can also see how much you’re progressing by how many reps you can do.

When you’re doing push-ups, do as many as you can while maintaining good form.

The form is the most important part of getting the most out of your push-ups.

The ideal form should look like this:

  •  Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and your wrists under your shoulders during the high plank position.
  •  Engage your core and inhale as you’re lowering your chest.
  •  Maintain a flat back and bend your arms fully as you put your chest near the floor
  •  Exhale as you push up


Very few people do bridges, and they’re not aware of how beneficial it actually is.

It’s a way to work out the muscles that are wound up because of constant sitting.

Bridging regularly will improve your posture and reinforce the muscles around your spine.

You can even increase in height because of bridging.

Not only does it strengthen your back, but it also improves flexibility in your hips, quads, and shoulders.

Western cultures don’t often put a focus on bridging, but it is a popular exercise in eastern martial arts.

To start with, you can do a glute bridge and progress your way up.

If you can do glute bridges, you can transition to a hip bridge.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do back bridges, which very few people are capable of.


a girl doing plankingThe plank is one of the best ways to engage your abs.

It helps them tone and teaches them to look more defined even when you’re resting.

If you see a person with great abs, then there is a good chance that they plank regularly.

Like push-ups, you can measure your progress in a plank through how long you can maintain a good form.

While you’re at it, make sure you have a mat to keep yourself from slipping on the cold hard floors.

Check out these Spri exercise mats.

If you find the regular plank to be boring, you can incorporate variations or challenges to liven things up.

You can perform a plank with your forearms on a stability ball.

A suspension band on your feet can also make things challenging.

Get Your Ideal Physique With Home Workouts

As your strength increases, your muscles also develop.

An amazing physique is possible as you train your body through exercises without equipment.

It should be something everyone should incorporate into their fitness plan.

The best thing is that you can do these exercises even if you are a beginner.

Exercises without equipment will accommodate any experience or fitness level.

You’ll progress by using these exercises and more.

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