What NOT to Do When Buying Gym Equipment

What NOT to Do When Buying Gym Equipment

Starting a business is quite an exciting thing to do, especially when you’re planning on opening a private gym. 

While you may think that you’re ready for everything that gets thrown at you, make sure to keep this in mind:

Are you getting the right commercial gym equipment?

You might think that the same factors as purchasing gym equipment for home apply to buy commercial gym equipment, but that would lead to dissatisfaction from your customers. 

While maybe the exercise machine at home is really good and you think that people would use it, you also need to consider something else: the durability of the product. 

Since many people will be using your machines, that should be your number one concern when buying gym equipment. 

What To Consider

There are a number of factors to think about and address when purchasing commercial gym equipment. 

However, as noted before, the durability should be your number one priority. 

Long-Term Use

People will be using your machines every day, all the time, and some people will even deliberately try to damage your property. 

To combat this, make sure what you’re buying can withstand a high amount of weight, heavy forces of pressure, sudden impacts, and how difficult it is to tamper with. 

You could make sure of a machine’s quality by checking the reviews or discussing your options with a Fitness Expo associate. 

You can also come to check out some of our machines at one of our Mississippi gym equipment showrooms and test out our best machines like the AMT885 w/ Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer.


The second thing you should consider is if you can afford what you’re purchasing and if you’ll make enough profit after the fact. 

Many gyms have failed because they purchased equipment or machinery that was far too expensive for what they were using it for. Some machines you may want to avoid include home gyms- especially considering the name. 

Since these address so many different muscle groups, many gym owners stock up on them, but they skimp on specific-exercise machines, which can lead to lines to use certain equipment. In turn, that can lead to disgruntled customers. Of course, you don’t want that as it can quickly lead to people dropping their memberships. 

Just be careful with what you’re buying, and consider it from every angle.

Diverse Machines

Another important factor is diversity with the muscle groups your products will exercise. You don’t want your gym to be based on just one general muscle group. 

You need an equal amount of opportunities and machines for each general muscle group. Still, you should also consider the general balance that people like to use in their exercise routines. 

With upper body strength being much more vigorous, while the lower body is often used with less intensity but over a longer period of time. 

With that in mind, you may want to try having around 2/3 of your machines focusing on the lower body while the remaining 1/3 are for exercising the upper body. 

If you use this ratio, make sure there’s a diverse collection for each. You don’t just want treadmills and free weights. 

Other popular options include rowers, stationary bikes, and more for the lower body with pulley weights for the upper body. A good all-around machine is the Hoist Mi17 Functional Training System

Common Mistakes

Not catering to a wide amount of people

Gym owners often cater to one type of person, and it doesn’t matter who that ‘person’ is as targeting a single demographic doesn’t attract as many people as a more varied collection of machines. Instead, cater to every skill level. 

Get machines that range from low to high-intensity. If needed, bring friends and colleagues to see if they all think your gym would work well before opening to the public.

Not enough equipment

Many first-time gym operators believe that running one is easy money, but this is impossible if you don’t stock your spaces properly. 

If you don’t get enough machines, you’re not going to get many people to join your gym. It’s that simple. 

Get a warranty

Even if you get the best of the best with what you’re purchasing, your products are still liable to break. Consider how many people might use them daily. 

That being said, make sure to get warranties on all your products.  If anything bad happens to them, you know exactly where to go and what to do to get it fixed. 

Fitness Expo makes this process even easier by offering support and contact points should anything ever go wrong. 

Ask us anything

We have a ton of experience dealing with exercise equipment. If anything confuses you or you need help setting up your gym, visit or call any of our Mississippi fitness equipment stores and we’ll be glad to help.