What To Do With Old Weight Equipment in Shreveport?

What To Do With Old Weight Equipment in Shreveport?

Maybe you overcommitted to a new year’s resolution that didn’t exactly work out as planned, or maybe you just plan on upgrading to a new set of Shreveport weight equipment.

One of the biggest bummers when it comes to getting rid of a lot of old weightlifting equipment is just the raw longevity of it compared to many other exercise equipment.

Benches, bars, bells, weights, and even various lifting machines can last a really long time, especially the dumbbells which can easily last a lifetime if not intentionally abused.

Having your old equipment in still good working conditions can make it hard to just throw away to make room for more modern tools like a new powerblock set which allows you to have a whole set worth of free weights that you can tuck away so easily for storage.

So since it’s so hard to throw these things away, we’re here to help you find a whole series of solutions for clearing up space in your home or personal gym.

Sell It If You Can

Weight lifting equipment has a long life span. This means you can easily find a new home for it if it’s still in good condition.

Some stores such as Fitness Expo will even take outdated equipment models off your hands to help you upgrade to the newest gear. Of course, not all equipment can be traded like this as they’ll often have more exacting standards than you would encounter in a customer to customer deal.

Try finding people interested in buying your weight equipment on Craigslist. If you’re desperate for cash, some stores and pawn shops may accept them but it’ll probably lose you money as compared to what you can earn in a customer to customer exchange.

If Selling Isn’t An Option, Try Donating

Some buyers may not be interested in buying your old weight equipment due to age, or maybe a missing element or some cosmetic damage. Maybe selling isn’t on the table but you can always donate it.

Contact your local community centers that have gym facilities that could make good use of donated equipment even if it is scuffed after years of use. If you don’t have a community center to accept such donations, then other locations such as senior centers or high schools can benefit from a donation if you call around and make it clear what you are offering.

If all else fails, if the equipment is in passable condition then either Goodwill or the salvation army should accept it.

Junk It

If none of the above worked out for you, junking it is always an option. Nowadays, there are several charity groups that will go to your house for unwanted junk and they’ll sort out the trash and the donations for you.

Contacting one of these groups is by far one of the easiest methods of dealing with clutter in your home, they’ll even help you carry the stuff out which can come in handy if you really weren’t using those weights.

Modern Art

While making art out of weights isn’t exactly a fad as of yet, many people are recycling scrap metal and wood into junk sculptures to display in their lawn or garden. If you really can’t part with your old gear then making a memorial statue is an option.

Replacement Weight Equipment in Shreveport

If you’re looking to upgrade and replace your old equipment then it’s always worth the drive to visit a local exercise equipment retailer to see how different home gyms fit and feel for you and get a good visual awareness of the size they will take up in your home.

Not everyone will have the space or need for a Life Fitness G4 Home Gym or a Life Fitness Hammer Strength Power Rack. And being able to see them at full scale will help you decide if you want full-sized equipment or a compact weight rack and foldable bench that both can fit inside the closet.

Whatever your needs, Fitness Expo Stores in Shreveport will help you go home with the right equipment. We even have used exercise equipment for customers looking to save a buck or two and cut back on the costs of upgrading.