What’s the Best Gym Equipment for Shreveport Elementary Schools?

What’s the Best Gym Equipment for Shreveport Elementary Schools?

Shreveport elementary schools have a wide variety of possible gym equipment but it’s important to take into account the important points in deciding how best to choose the right ones.

The criteria for buying gym equipment for a school is far different than that of a gym for, say, all ages and different still for, possibly, a hotel.

Hopefully, you will get a better idea of what kind of school physical education equipment in this post. Not every school will have the same needs, so be cognizant that these suggestions aren’t intended to be the absolute must-have list, just suggestions based on some general considerations. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What Is the General Fitness Level of The Students At Your Shreveport Elementary School?

If you have access to information about the general health and fitness levels of the
school, you can have a better idea of what equipment to outfit the gym with.

Looking at school physical education equipment already available and its usage will also give you some idea of this (no one said it’d be easy to make the decision, research is always the best course of action when making an educated decision, isn’t it?)

Overall, you want something that suits student fitness levels now but will also grow with them as they get older so that they’re able to engage at the current general level and later, hopefully more fit levels.

Something like the Stairmaster Stepmill 3, not only is fun to tackle for younger and smaller students but has multiple levels of resistance from nearly none to levels that even the educational staff can make use of. This is added value and part of the consideration for the choice of exercise equipment, but of course, the kids are your primary concern.

What Is The Current Fitness Curriculum?

So here’s a question that takes into account what is currently taught in gym and fitness classes for your Shreveport school. You don’t want to pick equipment that already covers something that’s already effective, you want to add fitness value for the students.

For instance, if your typical gym class focuses on cardio fitness and being lightly active over a long period of time, something you might consider is augmenting and expanding that curriculum with something that builds strength.

You also want to appeal to their interests with the selection as well. Most kids love bikes and stationary bikes seem like cool variations on the bike itself, something they can even pretend to race on. They won’t even notice they’re exercising.

Take for instance the Lemond Revmaster Pro. Everything on it is adjustable for most any height, along with the resistance so you can encourage strength building with it. Not only that, it’s quite durable, standing up to the harshest of weather and the most energetic kids that love to hang on everything.

Even if they’re not ‘properly’ using this piece of elementary school gym equipment, it can still provide them with something to keep them active.

What Is Appropriate?

Often times, the idea of putting kids onto expensive equipment might seem like a no-win situation; “they might not use it right and possibly break it in the process” is likely a concern of yours.

Luckily, the equipment offered by Fitness Expo Stores is of ridiculously sturdy since we look for manufacturers that make things last under all kinds of situations.

So when it comes to the appropriateness of the build, there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Instead, look at what the kids like to do and try to find something that takes that to the next level.

For instance, if they like running around, it would be quite easy to get them to take interest in what they’re doing physically by adding a treadmill that allows them to track their time and distance like a game. The Precor 932i Treadmill has an easy to use monitoring and setup system that will excite the gamer achievement minds that many kids carry with them in the age of the tablet and computer.

If you’d like to check out any of these pieces of equipment along with the rest of the offerings of Fitness Expo Stores, feel free to visit our Shreveport location or for further inquiries, call us to speak to one of our professional and knowledgeable staff.