When Is The Best Time To Buy Shreveport Fitness Equipment

When Is The Best Time To Buy Shreveport Fitness Equipment

Everyone loves a good deal. From coupon clipping and tucked away sales racks, to holiday deals, we all have our own tricks for finding the best prices on items on everything from food to clothing. So why wouldn’t we do the same when looking to purchase gym fitness equipment in Shreveport?

This short guide will help you understand the best times of the year to buy gym fitness equipment and associated fitness items and apparel in Shreveport. But no matter what time of the year it is, there’s no better time to get in shape than right now!

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Knowing When to Shop

There are certain times of the year when fitness equipment in Shreveport is on sale. Timing your purchase around these opportunities can help you save BIG on home gym equipment and other fitness related items.

The fitness market never really has a downturn in demand, often making it hard to find deals and discounts. But there are periods when certain events or times of the year that make buying fitness equipment a steal!

Best Times of the Year to make a Purchase Include:

January – with everyone looking to join a gym or purchase home gym equipment, retailers often look to capitalize on this new influx of “New Year’s resolutioners” and offer up deep discounts and sales on

June – fitness addicts take advantage of the warm weather to exercise outside, so retailers may be more likely to offer a good deal in order to clear out old inventory, to make room for seasonal apparel, equipment, and new makes and models hitting the shelves.

Check big-box stores against local fitness retailers. You may even be able to talk a local store into a price match or get access to used or wholesale inventory like that at Fitness Expo Stores.

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Equipment Line Updates

Fitness equipment is similar to the automotive industry wherein new makes and models generally come out each and every year, usually during a very specific window of time. Call around to manufacturers or retailers of your favorite brands and ask when the next new models are set to hit store shelves. Then ask if they would be willing to offer last year’s model at a discount when that happens.

Bikes & Cycles

Bikes operate like cars in which newer models are released each year. If you buy a bike in the fall, you can often find a good deal on an older model that dealers want to clear out before the new ones come in. Cycles are also seasonal, with some retailers offering sales both at the beginning of spring (i.e. good outdoor weather for cycling) and again late fall when they need to push inventory off shelves to make room for more indoor equipment as bad weather approaches.

Running Shoes

Shoes can be harder to catch, as new releases may happen at any time. You can call your local store to see if they know of any upcoming sales or new releases, or you can keep your eye on the shoes you are considering and watch for a good deal.

Fitness Apparel

Fitness fashion matches the rest of the fashion world: the best deals will be at the end of the season. The new season is coming in, and next year will boast new styles, so stock up on those last-season spandex pants!

The Importance of Home Gym Equipment

Even if you have a gym membership, it is a good idea to have a couple of pieces of equipment at home. This helps you stick to your fitness goals, even if you can’t leave the house. Whether you are looking to tone up or want to achieve a large weight-loss goal, home equipment comes in handy.

All exercise equipment can be useful, but there are a few popular choices for home. Some prefer treadmills, while others like the wide range of motion an elliptical offers. Stationary bikes are also a popular choice, as are home weights.

Whether a large or small piece of equipment, make sure your Shreveport gym fitness equipment is bought at a good price!

Major Reasons for Home Shreveport Fitness Equipment

Let’s close with a few key reasons for Shreveport gym fitness equipment in your home:

 – You can run in any weather! The rain and the cold will not stop a treadmill run.
 – Fitness trackers can help you track calories and other statistics even if you can’t leave the house.
 – Low-intensity workouts help you achieve great results without the risk of injury.
 – You can work on your balance and other fitness goals in the privacy of your own home, without feeling watched by others.

Gym memberships are wonderful, but it is important to have the ability to work out at home, as well. Weather can not only prevent outside workouts, but it can prevent your ability to leave the house.

Having exercise equipment at home enables you to workout on a tight schedule, if you are not feeling well, or if you can’t afford the monthly gym fee. It is an investment, but over the course of time, it can save you a lot of money.