When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

One of the biggest questions people ask when they start working out is what the best time is to exercise. There are dissenting opinions in response to this questions. While many experts recommend exercising in the morning, this might not be the best choice for everyone. The bottom line is each person must establish a routine and try to stick to it. Consider the best time to exercise and why.


Morning Exercise Has Benefits


Often experts recommend exercising in the morning. When people workout in the morning, they tend to burn more calories throughout the day. This is because morning exercise can help boost your metabolic rate. Because a person did not eat all night, morning exercise can burn additional fat as there is less left to burn off. However, morning exercise often requires getting up earlier. This can be difficult for people who have to leave for work at an early hour or who simply are not “morning people.” While morning exercise has benefits, it only makes sense if people can actually do it.


Evening Exercise Also Has Benefits


It can take muscles longer to warm up in the morning, which is one of the reasons why evening workouts could be better. In the evening, people can often increase their power and performance. Most people are done with work in the evening and do not feel rushed. If a person is running short on time in the morning, he or she might compromise their workout time. After work, people can focus on working out and put in extra time if they want to. This can increase the number of calories burned and help people setup a routine that fits into their schedules.


Regular Exercise is What Matters


Whether people workout in the morning or the evening, having a routine and sticking to it is what really matters. If a person wants to workout in the morning but never really gets to do it, exercising at night might be a better choice. On the other hand, if a person is tired after work, it could be wise to exercise in the morning when he or she has enough energy to put in the effort.


Making Exercise Accessible


To fit regular exercise into your routine, it is crucial to make exercising accessible. If you join a gym but never get there, you won’t get the benefit of working out every day. It makes sense to have a home gym where you can workout when it fits into your unique schedule. Also, if you miss a morning workout, the home gym is waiting for you in the evening. Consider adding a lateral elliptical, such as the LX8000, that provides a total body workout. This versatile workout machine makes it possible to target trouble areas and mix up your workouts so you never get bored.


Whether you decide to exercise in the morning or at night, make sure to fit exercise into your daily routine. Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and combat health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.