Where to Buy Fitness Equipment Wholesale in Jackson, MS?

Where to Buy Fitness Equipment Wholesale in Jackson, MS?

In search of wholesale equipment in Jackson, MS but not sure of where to start or what to look for? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Given the numerous options hitting the fitness market each and every year, finding the right fitness equipment wholesaler in your area can be a challenge.

As a fitness professional, you know all too well that the success of your gym, studio or other facility hinges on providing your patrons with the best selection of wholesale gym equipment while making sure you don’t go into debt to afford it.

Not a gym owner? No problem, this guide is meant to help both individuals and businesses alike find and get the best fitness equipment wholesaler in Jackson, MS.

Fitness Equipment Wholesale, Jackson MS – What’s the Deal?

Before we get into wholesalers and what to look for, let’s first cover what wholesale gym equipment actually is.

Wholesale gym equipment and outdoor fitness equipment wholesale refers to those pieces of fitness equipment that are generally less expensive than in traditional retailers, available at volume discounts and generally accessible to businesses such as community centers, groups, organizations, gyms, athletic facilities, and more.

In other words, while “retail” sells directly to the end consumer, wholesale sells to those businesses that then provide the equipment to the end user.

Types of equipment available can range from traditional treadmills, bikes, rowers, and resistance machines, to free weights and outdoor fitness equipment.

How to Find a Fitness Equipment Wholesaler

There are a number of ways in which you could search and find gym equipment wholesalers, each with their pros and cons.

  1. Industry Publications and Associated Sponsorships and Ads – many wholesalers opt to market their products and brand within various industry publications or as a “sponsor” of industry organizations or events.
  2. Online Search – The simplest, yet sometimes an unreliable method of finding your next supplier involves a simple Google search. But not just any search will do (more on that later in the “what to look for” section).
  3. Referral or Recommendation – One of the best ways to find great fitness equipment wholesaler is to get recommended one by a friend, associate or colleague.
  4. Scope out the Competition – Notice a competitor that always has a nice lineup of the same type of equipment you’d like to have for your members? Consider asking them directly or doing some research on which wholesalers sell that type of gym equipment.

What to Look for When Selecting a Store

1. Local is Important

Out of all the potential factors to consider, choosing a local store is one of the best choices you can make.

Here are a few reasons why:
• Save on expensive shipping costs – many local stores have free or low-cost delivery options available.
• Reduced risk of damaged goods in transit – shorter travel means less wear and tear on your equipment.
• Local support and service – what if you need repairs or support with your equipment in the future? Shopping local ensures you’ll have readily available contacts to help.
• Setup and Installation – many local providers will help you with setting up and installing your new equipment, saving you time, energy, money and frustration.
• Showrooms – one of the biggest advantages of shopping local is that you can see and even try out the equipment you’re looking to buy.

2. Support & Service

Both support and service, beginning from the pre-purchase phase all the way through acquisition and aftercare are important. Ask questions about service plans, guarantees, warranties, maintenance packages and any other aspects of service that might be important to you or your business.

3. Reputation

Wholesale gym equipment, while cheaper than retail, is still a big investment to make. When spending that kind of money you’ll want to make sure the store you are buying from is reputable and trustworthy.

A few ways to get this:

Online reviews
Number of years in business
Feedback from other customers
Activity and engagement on social media

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