Wholesale Exercise Equipment for a Home or Commercial Gym

Wholesale Exercise Equipment for a Home or Commercial Gym

There has been a steady increase in demand for wholesale exercise gym equipment in the past two decades.  From 2.8 billion dollar sales on consumer fitness equipment wholesale in 1998, it escalated to 3.98 billion dollars in 2019

But wait, there is more.  An anticipated modest increase in revenue for the gym and exercise equipment industry is on its way over the coming five years.  

With the 295 total number of businesses in the US gym and exercise equipment industry, there will be enough supply for fitness equipment marketed to wholesalers, retailers, and individual consumers to meet the strong demand.

Gym and Fitness Equipment from Wholesale Distributors

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In the US Gym and Exercise Equipment Manufacturing industry, the companies holding the most significant market shares supplying wholesale distributors are:

  • Brunswick Corporation Market Share
  • Amer Sports Oyj Market share
  • Peloton Interactive Inc. Market Share

These companies manufacture from raw materials to create wholesale gym equipment and wholesale fitness accessories like free weights, exercise bikes, treadmills, functional trainer machines for home gyms and commercial gyms.

The fitness equipment wholesale distributors then make this type of equipment more accessible to local stores and individual buyers.  Depending on the training program and facility requirements, there is wholesale gym equipment that you can purchase online or from local stores near you.

The nine great wholesale exercise equipment distributors in the US, according to Glofox, where you can buy weights and machines are:

  1.  Fitness Expo Stores
  2. Global Fitness
  3. American Home Fitness
  4. Used Gym Equipment
  5. Johnson Fitness and Wellness
  6. Iron company
  7. Primo Fitness USA
  8. US Fitness Products
  9. Gym Source

Certified Remanufactured or Used Wholesale Gym Equipment

Commercial workout equipment from big brands like Precor, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Gym Pro is distributed by wholesale stores that specialize in selling used gym equipment wholesale.  These wholesale fitness distributors have highly skilled and trained fitness equipment professionals certified by top commercial fitness manufacturers to remanufacture all types of fitness machines.

What is remanufactured gym equipment?

It is used wholesale gym equipment for sale that goes through a process of rebuilding to make it look and function like a new machine.

What happens when gym equipment is remanufactured?

The remanufacturing process usually takes about 2-6 weeks, depending on the parts of the gym equipment that need to be replaced and touch-ups that need to be done for an excellent finish.  

Every part of the machine is checked so that replacements will be put to place, if necessary, to make sure that it will run as new.  Fitness equipment professionals do the following during a remanufacture of used gym equipment:

  • Complete cleaning to remove grime, dust, dirt, and rust off to make it look aesthetically pleasing as new.
  • Oiling and Lubricating of machine parts for a smooth and quiet operation
  • Replacing worn-out parts that do not meet production standards.  Moving parts, in particular, are returned to ensure durability and more extended functionality.  
  • Cosmetic restoration:
    • Powder-coating to make the equipment’s surface resistant to breaking, chipping, or wearing down.
    • New overlays
    • Painting
    • Applying stickers, if needed
  • Multiple testing for individual machines before they are released for shipping.  Each equipment is tested for its essential functions, electronics, and programming.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Used Gym Equipment

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  • Much cheaper than buying brand-new equipment.

It is practical and more cost-effective to purchase wholesale exercise equipment from wholesale distributors that sell certified remanufactured exercise equipment.  You can save a lot of money on wholesale purchases.

  • Customized wholesale exercise equipment packages

You can buy used gym accessories with a wholesale price in bulk or within packages if you plan to put up a commercial gym or replace pieces of your gym equipment that are worn down. 

Examples of customized packages that are available from wholesale exercise equipment distributors are:

  • Wholesale cardio exercise equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, and recumbent bikes)
  • Complete wholesale gym equipment package (treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, strength line, upright bikes)
  • Wholesale Free weight gym equipment package (Smith machine, Benches, Dumbbells, and the like)
  • Complete wholesale strength lines (hammer strength, Precor Icarian, Cybex VR2, and elliptical cross trainers)
  •  It can be purchased as a single piece for home use.

The idea that you will only enjoy a wholesale price when you buy in bulk doesn’t count here because wholesale gym equipment near me wholesale gym equipment distributors will give you a wholesale price even if you purchase one piece of gym equipment.

  • Saves you time because you can purchase in packages.

You won’t need to spend lots of time searching for different gym equipment because you can practically buy all the gym equipment you need to bring long-term value to your business from just one wholesale workout equipment distributor.

Buy Quality Gym Equipment from Wholesale Fitness Equipment Distributors

With the ever-increasing awareness for health and well-being among consumers, it is anticipated that the fitness equipment market is to grow in the next years continuously. 

 Long-term consequences of weight-related diseases are bringing more consumers to focus on their fitness and wellness, boosting the demand for residential and commercial fitness equipment.  

You can save a substantial amount of money as you invest in wholesale exercise equipment to meet these consumers when you put up community fitness centers or a commercial gym or need wholesale fitness equipment in your home.

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