Wholesale Gym Equipment for Affordable Exercise Machines

Wholesale Gym Equipment for Affordable Exercise Machines

How to Buy Wholesale Fitness Machines on a Budget

If you’re opening your own gym for the first time, you’re probably facing “cost shock.”

“Cost shock” occurs when a new gym owner looks at their expense statement – and promptly passes out from shock.

Space, employees, insurance, benefits, and marketing will eat through a new gym owner’s budget rapidly. With these extra business expenses, how will you afford quality gym equipment for your members?

At Fitness Expo Stores, we believe high-end, low-cost gym equipment is possible. That’s why we recommend gyms try wholesale fitness equipment: purchasing machines from a fitness equipment wholesaler can save your gym money without sacrificing your machines’ quality.

We’re proud to be one of Jackson MS’s top wholesale fitness equipment suppliers. If you’re looking for new wholesale fitness equipment for your gym, stop by our store to talk with us about the quality options available within your budget.

Consider Your Clientele

First, make a list of the types of clients you expect at your gym. Are you interested in providing weight loss support? Bodybuilding equipment? Once you understand the expectations of your members, you can easily select the most attractive exercise machine for each workout.

For example, if you’re offering quick and easy morning workouts, you might purchase a few cardio machines. We highly recommend BH Fitness LKT8 Treadmills: they’re well-known for their knee-friendly cushioning.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to attract bodybuilders, advanced weight systems will grow your membership. The Hoist MI6 Functional Trainer is a popular choice among our commercial clients. This exercise machine allows members to train whichever muscles they feel need strengthening, at a variety of weights and difficulty levels.

If you’re unsure which machines will appeal to your clientele, just ask your favorite wholesale fitness equipment suppliers.

Buy Gym-Specific Equipment

Some of the wholesale fitness equipment you purchase should generally be different than the at-home fitness equipment your members own. When you talk with your fitness equipment wholesaler, ask which machines are exclusive to wholesale.

Often, individuals won’t own large, specialized, equipment like weight trainers – after all, these machines require extensive floor space. Purchasing an exercise machine unique to your gym adds incentive for membership.

Remember Delivery Costs

How will your wholesale fitness equipment arrive at your gym?

When budgeting for each exercise machine, don’t forget to add the cost of gym equipment delivery to each item. Gym machines are often heavy and expensive to transport.

Looking for a fitness equipment wholesaler offering affordable delivery? Talk with one of our Fitness Expo representatives. We offer shipping options that will keep your accountant smiling!

Ask About Lifespan

Every machine breaks down eventually. When shopping for your equipment, talk with your fitness equipment wholesaler about each exercise machine lifespan. You might look at two treadmills in the same price range – but one might last years longer than the other.

Inside tip: At-home fitness equipment usually has a shorter lifespan than commercial wholesale fitness equipment. Commercial equipment is built to withstand heavy, daily use. When shopping for gym equipment, always look for the exercise machine labeled “commercial” rather than “general” use.

Find Suppliers Who Help With Maintenance

Before an exercise machine breaks down, it will often go through several maintenance cycles. Belts must be replaced. Wheels must be oiled. Parts must be repaired. If you’re new to owning a gym, staying on top of maintenance can become overwhelming.

Talk with your wholesale fitness equipment suppliers to find out which offer maintenance support. Some, like us at Fitness Expo, offer maintenance and safety checks for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering purchasing commercial machines for your new gym, wholesale fitness equipment can save your budget without giving up quality.

Many wholesale fitness equipment suppliers can advise you on the best machines for your members’ needs. However, when you’re shopping, don’t forget to ask your fitness equipment wholesaler about gym equipment delivery and maintenance services. Not every store caters to their commercial customers’ needs.

At Fitness Expo Stores in Jackson MS, we’re always glad to help you select long-lasting machines, deliver and install your gym equipment, and provide service checks and maintenance support. Talk with one of our representatives today to find out more!