Why Elliptical Machines Are Good for Your Joints

Why Elliptical Machines Are Good for Your Joints

Elliptical machines have received high marks from users thanks to the fact that they provide an excellent workout while being easy on the joints. Many people have used elliptical machines to increase their fitness levels with minimal impact to their joints. Why are elliptical machines good for the joints? It all comes down to the impact-reducing design of an elliptical trainer.

Circular Motion

Elliptical machines, such as the Precor 5.25 or Precor 5.37, available from Fitness Expo Stores allow the trainer to move the legs in a circular motion. This motion occurs without having to lift and lower the leg repeatedly as with jogging. This circular motion combines the benefits of several exercises such as jogging, cross-country skiing, and biking in to one simple exercise. In addition, people that use elliptical trainers also find that there workouts are more effective at burning calories than by doing any of the those exercises individually.

Low Impact

When compared with other exercises such as running or jogging, an elliptical trainer provides a clear advantage because the full weight of the body is not placed on the lower joints with each step. Any person that exercises and has run without a good pair of running sneakers can attest to the discomfort that comes along with repeated abuse to the joints. In addition, the low impact nature of an elliptical makes it possible for people that have arthritis and joint problems to get a good workout without injuring themselves.

Provides the Right Amount of Resistance

Unlike other types of aerobic exercise, when you are working out on an elliptical, the machine always knows how to apply the right amount of resistance. The resistance levels are in tune with your level of fitness so that you don’t overexert yourself. In addition, to providing resistance during workouts, elliptical machines can also adjust the levels of resistance, as a part of an automatic workout program. By adjusting the levels of resistance, the elliptical machine will help you to increase your fitness level and tone your muscles.

Elliptical Machines Can Deliver Sub-Gravity Loads

Elliptical machines are also beneficial to the joints because they can deliver gravity or sub-gravity loads to the joints. When a person runs, the load on the body is actually up to 2 times gravity. Using an elliptical machine can actually help your joints to repair themselves and you can build up thicker synovial fluid, which tends to be thinner in people that have degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. Now exercising can be purely beneficial to your body. In addition, people with those conditions can now get in shape without having to worry about exercising causing major problems for them.

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