Why You Should Use an Exercise Mat for Your Home Gym Workouts

Why You Should Use an Exercise Mat for Your Home Gym Workouts

Often neglected but often one of the most important pieces of home gym exercise equipment for you and your workouts. 

Of course, we’re referring to the surface that you work out on. 

Regardless of how hardcore your home gym aspirations are one of the first things you should look into getting is a solid exercise mat.

Reasons for an Exercise Mat

People often ask why they should use an exercise mat while working out at home, and well there are actually quite a few reasons. 

For starters, a proper exercise mat’s first and most important function is to make you comfortable while doing your warmups, stretches, yoga or pilates. 

What is comfortable can vary from person to person which will result in preferences for different thicknesses and materials used in the construction of the mat. 

Still,  comfort isn’t the only reason. 

Working out on a hard or solid surface can lead to a great deal of aches and pains that can lead you to give up on working out altogether. 

They even help protect your joints from impacts from jumping jacks and other more vigorous workouts. 

Oh and it’s also worth mentioning the fact that they help you stay safer while working out by giving you a non-slippery surface that can help prevent hazardous falls.

But other than making your workout more pleasant, exercise mats are also good for keeping your home gym clean and sanitary. 

If working over one with weights you can avoid rough floor damage if you drop your kettle or dumbells onto the mat. 

Likewise, having a good exercise mat will protect your floors from the constant repetitive movements so often associated with most workouts whether you’re doing aerobics, lifting weights, or anything in between. 

They’re also super easy to clean – at least the good ones – since you can just rub them down with soap and water and keep your home gym smelling a little less like, well, a gym, and a lot more like a welcoming home.

The Best Exercise Mats for Your Home Gym

So what is the best mat out there for your home gym equipment exercises

Spri makes a good variety of solid products in this field, but one of their most popular and sought after are their Spri Airex mats

These are not only used for home gyms, in fact. 

They are often used for physical therapy and rehabilitation and even in gyms and fitness centers. 

So while they started out as a professional grade product, they’ve quickly migrated into homes as one of the most popular exercise equipment for home gyms as people just couldn’t downgrade from them after having experiencing them for the first time. 

What Makes Spri Airex The Best Mat for Workouts?

Easy to Clean Material

They’re latex-free, easy to clean with soap and water and lack the chemical smells to them that their lesser product competitors have. 

Strong and Sturdy

They’re even exceptionally sturdy as they’re made to last for a long time in gym environments where they’d receive a lot more useful than they would in your home gym. 

As far as exercise mats go, the Airex mats dominate the competition in all but one little category which can be a deal-breaker. 

The Downsides

If you intend to travel and use your exercise mat at a studio or any other place from home, the Spri Airex is somewhat large and heavy compared to many others owing to its half-inch thickness which is great for support but when rolled up it does become a rather burdensome log to haul around. 

In cases where this might discourage you, you may still want to try out the Spri Airex to just keep at home as your main workout mat and purchase a more portable option to enjoy in other places while sacrificing that Airex comfort.

If you are in the market for an excellent exercise mat for your own home gym or you are in the market for any home gym exercise equipment whatsoever, come to the Metairie Fitness Expo or any of our other locations in Louisiana or Mississippi. 

Our fitness trained staff will be more than happy to help you get set up to start down the path to getting in the best shape of your life.