Workout Equipment for Advanced Users

Workout Equipment for Advanced Users

When it comes to optimizing your workout, deciding to buy exercise equipment that will help take your body and athletic abilities to the next level is critical.

When it is time to buy exercise equipment designed to help you move from novice or intermediate to advanced levels of fitness, follow this guide to get the most out of your investment in commercial gym equipment.

With the right research, you can find the perfect quality equipment for your workout routine. Fitness Expo Stores can make a wonderful recommendation for exercise equipment in your Baton Rouge gym or other commercial fitness establishment.

Advanced Commercial Gym Equipment

There comes a time in everyone’s workout experience when they consider moving up to the next level. Becoming stagnant in a workout routine will cause you to hit a plateau, and possibly move backward in progress due to frustration or lack of appropriate physical stimulus.

If you are feeling stuck, consider moving into an advanced workout routine with commercial gym equipment that is suited to help you achieve your goals.

And if you’re looking to buy exercise equipment, Fitness Expo Stores has a superb selection of machines for the Louisiana area.

From advanced warm-up and cool down equipment such as an elliptical exercise machine, to rowers, climbers, and resistance machines and stations, we got you covered.

Knowing If You’re Ready

How do you know if you are ready for advanced workout equipment? A simple checklist will help you feel comfortable proceeding to the next level:

  • Beginner and intermediate workouts do not hold the same challenge they used to
  • You are familiar with the various muscle groups in your body and how they interact
  • You show good technique and form when exercising
  • Your fitness progress has slowed or stalled

It is possible to be advanced in one aspect of fitness, yet still a beginner in another. For example, if you run regularly, you know a lot about that form of exercise. You may at the same time, however, have never lifted weights.

Making the Switch

Be sure to pay attention to the following when transitioning to an advanced workout:

Take your time – transitions can take six months to a year to complete.
Properly fueling your body – what you eat makes a big difference in workout results.
Rest up – it is important to take time to properly recover.
Listen to your body – if you experience pain during or after a workout, stop and assess the situation. Is this soreness or an injury?
Check with your doctor – make sure that your body is up to the task and obey any limitations set forth by your medical health professional.

When you find yourself ready to engage in advanced workouts, make sure to invest in the proper commercial exercise equipment with the features and setup you need.

One piece of equipment to consider for advanced workouts is the elliptical machine. Great for warm-ups, cooldowns and low impact active rest periods between HIIT and other intense advanced regimens, elliptical fitness equipment is a great addition to your line-up.

Consider the Octane XT4700 Smart Elliptical machine, equipped with state of the art interactive coaching, longer stride patterns, and workout boosters.

Functional Training – For Athletes

Functional training has been around for a couple of decades but is gaining popularity as a fitness movement. This concept focuses on the optimal use of a few machines instead of cluttering up your workout space with multiple pieces of equipment. An elliptical machine cuts down on the pieces of equipment necessary to get a full-body workout.

When engaging in functional training, you learn to use time and space efficiently. Workouts focus on a technique, rather than a sport. This enables you to develop a skill that may come in useful in a range of activities.

More User Control and Range of Motion

One distinct advantage to elliptical exercise machines is the ability to engage in a wide range of motion that is simultaneously low impact. These machines imitate running, walking, or stair climbing without the jarring feeling you may experience on treadmills or stair-steppers. Because you do not feel the intensity of the workout due to the smooth motion, you will be able to work out longer and burn more calories.

Putting you in control of your workout routine will achieve amazing results. When you have the freedom to allow for different resistances, terrains, and muscle group training, you are able to maximize your advanced workout experience. Everyone is different, and only you know how to truly optimize your workout.

Advanced Resistance Settings and Built-In Programs

Some elliptical exercise machines come with customizable settings to help you get the most out of your advanced workout. Ellipticals come in two forms: lateral and seated. A lateral elliptical allows the user to stand.

The Helix H1000 Touch Lateral Trainer, for instance, has a programmable touch-screen interface. Not only you can monitor your heart rate during workouts, but you can program routines for helix intervals, mountain terrains, and more.

If a seated elliptical is more your style, consider the Octane XR6X1 Smart Elliptical. This machine has workout boosters for chest routines, leg routines and more. There are 20 resistance levels and 6 different workout programs to explore.

Whether you prefer to stand or sit, there is an elliptical for you. These machines are wonderful ways to optimize any workout, and Fitness Expo Stores has a wide variety of ellipticals and other exercise equipment to choose from.

Advanced Workout Routines without Advanced Injuries

Whether you are using commercial gym equipment or preparing to buy exercise equipment for your own home, knowing the right type of equipment for your workout can save you frustrating injuries. Elliptical exercise machines are great for maximizing your workout while preventing injury, saving time, and optimizing your workout space. You can perform a variety of different exercises on elliptical machines, as well as prepare for events such as a cross-country run.

Leaving Your Fitness Needs in Expert Hands

The experts at Fitness Expo Stores know just how to help you get the most out of your workout. We are proud to serve the Baton Rouge area with respect and humility. Come into our store, get your questions answered, and walk out confident that you have made the right choice investing in your advanced workout routine.

Moving into an advanced workout is a challenge and an achievement. You are at the pinnacle of fitness, and you want to stay there.