BodyKore Universal Trainer is an all-in-one home gym. This essential machine can provide your home gym with one piece that allows you to achieve multiple exercises, movements & results. This versatile unit features a dual adjustable pulley system, smith machine, multi-grip pull up bars, weight pegs and bar storage, Inverted leg press add on & so much more. The Universal Trainer is constructed of heavy gauge rolled steel tubing, high quality cables and pulleys, 2x 220lb Steel Stack Weight Plate sets and a counter balanced bar for the Smith Machine. By the limitless exercise options and movements, this machine pushes you to achieve your fitness goals and see real results. The high-quality cables and pulleys allow you to complete your exercises smoothly.


Key Features of the MX1162 Universal Trainer:

Multi-Functional All-in-One Versatility

Say goodbye to cluttered workout spaces. The MX1162 offers a comprehensive range of exercises and movements in a single unit, streamlining your fitness routine.

Dual Adjustable Pulley System

Achieve precise resistance and target specific muscle groups with ease, thanks to the advanced dual adjustable pulley system.

It’s a Smith Machine

Experience the benefits of a counterbalanced Smith Machine for controlled and efficient weightlifting.

Multi-Grip Pull Up Bars

Build upper body strength and diversify your pull-up routine with various grip options.

Half Squat Cage Function

Safely perform squats and other barbell exercises using the included bar hooks and spotters.

Accessory Storage

Stay organized and keep your workout area clutter-free with dedicated storage for weights and bars.

Weight Pegs and Bar Storage

Conveniently store your weights and bars for quick access during your workout.

Rack Attachments Included

Enhance your training with essential attachments, including J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, Landmine, Dip Bar, Lat Seat, Leg Press Plate, and Band Pegs.

Cable Accessories Included

Maximize your exercise variety with included cable accessories, such as handles, tricep bar, triceps rope, lat pulldown bar, and ankle strap.

Add-On Attachments (Optional)

  • Barbell Holder
  • Jammer Arms
  • Low Row Footplate

BodyKore MX1162 Universal Trainer Specifications

  • Weight Stacks: (2) x 220lb Stacks
    • Upgradable to 340lb Weight Stacks
  • Frame Construction: Rolled Steel Oval Tubing
  • Pulley Adjustments: 15 Settings
  • Weight Storage Pegs: Qty 6
  • Assembled Dimensions (LWH): 62″ L x 91″ W x 89″ H
  • Product Weight: 1496lbs