The Inspire Multi Line Bicep and Tricep is designed to provide a comfortable position for bicep and Tricep work from a seated or standing position.There are no adjustments required.



Frame: Heavy-duty round steel

Color: Matte Black, Chrome

Finish: Electrostatic Powder Coat

Commercial Pads: Double stitched, high grade naugahyde

Bold Placards: Simple usage instructions

Weight Stacks: 2 x 115 lbs (52 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 57.5 lbs total)

Optional Add-ons: 2 x 50 lbs, 2 x 5 lbs Add-On Weights (85 lbs max)

Resistance Ratio: 1 : 2

Muscle Groups: Bicep, tricep, back, abdominals

DIMS (W X L X H): 38 in x 61 in x 85 in (97 cm x 155 cm x 216 cm)

Weight: 455 lbs