Precor DBR0610 Power Rack

Precor DBR0610 Power Rack is the foundation of any facility, the Discovery™ Series Power Rack is the perfect tool for seasoned lifters and those new to strength training. The Power Rack accommodates exercisers of all shapes, sizes and abilities with its easy to access chin up station and expanded functional capabilities.




  • The Chin-Up and Pull-Up station step up platform is dipped in a non-slip material and angled so that an Olympic Bar placed on it for front of rack exercises rolls toward the upright for a more stable storage position.
  • A smooth, straight Pull-Up / Chin-Up bar allows for kipping style pull-ups, chin-ups and muscle-ups, as well as a convenient anchor point for suspension training apparatuses.
  • Weight plate storage horns are 1.5 inch in diameter so they don’t bind the weight plates, making them easier to add or remove. Horns are spaced to accommodate all bumper style plates simultaneously. 10 weight plate storage horns, 5 per side.


  • Max weight:   350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Max Lift Load:   1200 lbs / 545 kg
  • Workout Area: 83 L x 63 W x 98 H inches, 210 x 160 x 249 cm
  • Equipment Dimensions: L: 83 in / 211 cm  W:  63 in / 160 cm  H:  98 in / 249 cm
  • Equipment Weight:   612 lbs / 278 kg



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