10 Home Gym Ideas for Designing a Workout Room

10 Home Gym Ideas for Designing a Workout Room

Being able to exercise when you want, using the exercise machines you want in the order you want is quite convenient, especially if we add the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

You won’t have to deal with trying to avoid traffic jams around Metairie, showering with strangers, dealing with bad weather, and even that feeling of wondering whether the gym equipment was recently disinfected or not. 

Coming up with the creation and design for your workout room at home, with your own elliptical machines, treadmills, free weights, etc.does not require you to be a fitness buff as this will allow you to obtain a type of space that is favorable to working out.

Having a home gym will allow you to save money while at the same time making it easier for you to get the motivation you need without having excuses to skip a workout day. 

However, many people are still doubtful to invest in exercise equipment for the home as they are not completely sure about what is required and what the cost will be. 

Surprising Ways to Build a Workout Room in Your Room

What you need to know is that almost everyone possess the required space for a small home gym at least, and there is not any need for expensive or complex fitness equipment to build your awesome private gym.


Having a garage means that there is probably enough space for a home gym. The average space required for a home gym is near 10 x 6 ft. in order to have enough space for proper and effective workouts and it is usually easy to find that space even though it could mean that you will most likely need to clean it up.


Given the case that set a home gym in your garage is not an option to put into consideration due to any limitation or situation, then you may want to take a look around your bedroom. 

If needed you may want to make a repositioning to some of your bedroom furniture which could allow you to clear out a large enough corner so you can be able to put the basic equipment for a small home gym such as an elliptical machine, treadmill, and a weight machine for example. 

Make sure to keep in mind that ground-floor bedrooms often work tremendously better when it comes to small home gyms design ideas than the ones located on upper floors as they may become way too noisy.


If you are looking around for any other available space to set up your exercise equipment for the home then an unused basement or attic may be the answer. 

Having a relatively unused attic or basement offers a great spot for your home gym with a perfect exercise area.


Since your home gym will become your personal workout area, then a good consideration to keep in mind is to acquire the equipment based on your exercise goals. It will be your personal space so make sure to consider comfort and personal desires as well when it comes to choosing your exercise equipment for the home.


An elliptical machine is one of the most common machinery for home gyms people like to use, therefore, a good option is the Precor EFX222 Energy with the perfect size and design for a gym at home.



The main consideration at the moment of determining what flooring to install in your home gym is to pick a flooring material that is thick enough to bear weights while at the same time being safe, rubber is a good non-slip material recommended for this.


As we partially mentioned before, it is important to focus on a home gym design that enhances and strengthens your motivation, therefore, factors like room lighting, color, and air quality plus interior decor and high ceilings have a potentially heavy influence on workout routines.



Picking out accessories to complement your workout routines will help you keep up with the motivation. Some of the most common home gym accessories include mirrors, sound systems, and TVs which will not only work as functionality but as motivational sources for your workouts.


Accidents, as the name says, are never expected and they could happen to anyone at any time, therefore, wellness and safety are critical in a home gym design as the accidents could be fatal or the cause for painful injuries if you do not take these considerations in your home gym design.


The AB COASTER CS3000 offers high-quality safety on its design with soft kneeling cushion and a smooth abdominal exercise. Part of our top equipment for your home gym at Fitness Expo Stores.



This is a factor that we mentioned above about one of the main reasons to go for a home gym, getting to control your own cleanliness. Statistics show a direct impact between workout productivity and the workout environment. Air filtration systems and shower accessibility are some of the key features to consider.


Considering how well the layout of your home gym affects your home’s resale value its important. As it may not be the case for some people, keeping this into consideration will help you to avoid problematic situations in the future.