Are You Using the Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Correctly?

Are You Using the Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Correctly?

Not everyone in Jackson can afford to hire a personal trainer to teach them how to do workouts the best way and going to a gym you’ll find that there’s not much in the way for instruction manuals hanging off the stair stepper exercise equipment that tells you how to use it.

It’s just expected that you were somehow born with this inherent knowledge of the best stair stepper exercise equipment gods and all you have to do is just jump on one and suddenly you’re empowered with this ancient knowledge.

While stair stepper exercise equipment isn’t difficult, it’s easy to make mistakes so here are a few tips to make sure you’re working out the way they were intended to be used.

  • Relax Your Grip

It’s really easy to think if there’s a bar on the stair stepper like the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet in front of you then it’s there for gripping, but the reality is that it’s there ‘just in case’.

If you pay attention to how you normally run up and down bleachers on the field, you’ll notice you’re in a normal ‘running position’ or even getting your arms into the workout for that extra leverage, especially when you’re getting tired.

To get the full benefits of stair stepper exercise equipment, only lightly touch the bars with your fingertips when starting out. When you get going in ‘the zone’, it’s completely okay to let go completely and simply climb the stairs as you naturally would on a real staircase or the proverbial bleachers.

If you end up having to balance yourself with the bars too much, it means you’re going to fast so slow down the rate a little bit so that you can get back to the real stair-climbing motion that these machines provide.

  • Lean Into It

Unlike most other exercises, it’s okay to lean a little forward.

Your inertia going up the stairs is helped by this and, again, more mimics how running up and down real stairs makes your body behave.

Because actual stair climbing inspired both new and used stair stepper exercise equipment, it works best when you treat it that way. If you’re in the gym, don’t worry about what anyone says about your posture because if you’re leaning in the steps, you’re doing it right.

This doesn’t mean you can slouch over because that’s just as bad as standing up straight.

You want to keep a position where your head is relatively right above where your foot lands and not much more forward or backward. It may sound difficult, but this is naturally how the body moves on a normal stair when doing big steps for exercise.

Give it a shot the next time you get to and you’ll see it’s also the most comfortable position as well.

  • Step With Your Whole Foot

Unless you’re going for speed, avoid using the ball of your foot too much while using stair stepper exercise equipment.

By using the ball of your feet instead of your heel when you’re using machines like the Life Fitness GSC Trainer, you’ll unevenly workout just your calves and thighs and leave your glutes and quads out of the action.

While some people are looking for big calves, if you’re exercising for fitness rather than specific body parts, you really need to pay attention to how you step so that your entire leg gets the full benefits of the stair stepper exercise equipment.

Again, though, if you’re going for speed, it’s more natural to use the balls of your feet, but for most steady-rate workouts, it’s proper and more effective to step with your heel first.

Using a stair stepper, your legs will thank you, and your friends will be jealous of your tone and build!

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