Explore Top Professional Gym Equipment Brands in Shreveport

Explore Top Professional Gym Equipment Brands in Shreveport

Shreveport is full of places to buy professional gym equipment, but how do you know you’re getting the highest quality and best deal? Each dealer and seller will offer different brands, but therein lies the dilemma; what are the best brands? How do you know if you’re getting quality gear or some cheap sweatshop cash-grab made to look like something worth your money?

Well, your first task is to research what’s out there, but we’ll give you a head start; after all, at Fitness Expo Stores, we’ve been dealing in professional fitness equipment for well over thirty years, so we’ve seen it all.

Variety Is The Spice of Life Fitness

One of the most trusted companies we partner with is Life Fitness. Life Fitness has been around since the introduction of recreational exercising in America during the late ’60s and has been at the forefront of every trend for the last forty-five years.

One could say they basically defined the industry with each and every product their engineers developed and has continued to outdo themselves with each new model they introduce in all categories of professional gym equipment they manufacture.

Whether it’s the traditional and simple but life-long lasting Hammer Strength Olympic Flat Bench for the weight lifter and strength trainer or their more modernized and innovative takes on exercise bikes like the R1 Lifecycle, Life Fitness knows what both gyms want and individuals need for reaching their fitness goals.

Not only that, their warranties for their equipment are without a doubt the best in the biz, with nearly every offering they produce having an option for a lifetime warranty. That means their equipment will serve you as long as you want it to and with the quality they deliver, it will always be there ready to challenge you.

Innovative Training Tech of PowerTec

Ask any weight lifter what equipment they use in Shreveport to get massive gains and you’ll no doubt get the answer ‘PowerTec’. Originating out of California, they’ve been helping people across the planet achieve that chiseled look with innovative strength training products for over twenty years. Professional athletes and trainers have been utilizing their offerings to build muscle and strength that give them a competitive edge no matter what the competition is.

Their flagship workbench, the Workbench LeverGym, has a unique design which the rest of the industry has been trying to best but still hasn’t after ten years. The machine itself grows with you down to each rep, making sure you are always pushed to your limit, never letting you get comfortable with where you’re at. With this kind of invisible trainer always at your side, you’re sure to get those results you’ve always wanted regardless of your skill level or experience.

PowerTec’s expertise in engineering and knowledge of human motion and anatomy makes them the world leader in strength training equipment and it’s highly unlikely that any other company will ever surpass them in this area.

Inspired Designs By Inspire Fitness

A relative newcomer to the professional gym equipment scene, Inspire has already proven itself to be a leader for both cardio and strength training equipment and has world-class athletes swearing by their products.

Offering one of the most comprehensive multi-gym units on the market, the M3 Multi Gym, their signature attention to detail and well-rounded workouts shines in every single one of their machines. No matter whether a traditional exercise machine like a cross rower or a more modern exercise bike, they spare no expense to give you more than any other company can in the class of professional gym equipment they offer.

Their dedication to going above and beyond translates directly into your ability to go above and beyond in your workout. Since 2003, they’ve quickly risen through the ranks and provided results for hundreds of thousands of athletes and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. They’re definitely ahead of the game and are likely to stay there.

How To Get Your Hands On World-Class Equipment In Shreveport

If you want to get equipment from these top brands and more, Fitness Expo Stores has spent thirty years sifting out the wanna-be’s from the real deal. We’ve curated and collected the best brands for professional gym equipment and make sure all of our customers get nothing but excellent quality gym equipment. Come by our Shreveport location or call us at 318-596-0148 and be amazed.