How an Elliptical Can Change Your Life

How an Elliptical Can Change Your Life

For those short on time to work out, an elliptical can provide a low impact total body workout in less than thirty minutes. At Fitness Expo we sell only the highest quality ellipticals for your workout needs. Don’t be fooled by those sold at box stores. A high quality machine will make you want to work out whereas a cheaper built model can lead to frustration and workout avoidance.

An elliptical burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than other fitness machines. If you have wanted to lose weight and get fit, but just never thought you could work it into your schedule, the elliptical is the workout machine for you. For those that want an even lower impact workout, ellipticals can be purchased that have seats for maximum comfort during your workout. Seated ellipticals are a great choice for those with certain injuries. They are often used by physical and occupational therapists with the elderly and in rehabilitation programs at all levels of fitness.

An elliptical such as the Vision X20 mimics your body’s natural walking motion, ensuring your workout feels natural and comfortable. The classic console has five preset workout routines so you don’t have to worry about doing your workout correctly. When you get the Vision X20 set up at home, you are ready to start a life changing workout. For those wanting more variety, the Vision X20 can be purchased with the Elegant console which features 13 different programmed workouts, a wireless heart rate monitor, and the ability to save monthly workout results for multiple users so you can track your success and improved fitness.

An elliptical can fit in virtually any living space. They are efficient because you can get a total body workout with one machine. This means they are a great choice for those with very limited exercise space. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite television shows, movies, audio books, etc while you get a great workout.

At Fitness Expo we have an elliptical to meet your individual fitness needs. Contact us at one of our many locations in Louisiana (Metairie, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Kenner or Jackson, MS, and we’ll have you working out in no time!