Get Fit And Beat The Traffic On An Indoor Bike

Get Fit And Beat The Traffic On An Indoor Bike

Safety is an issue for many people when they go bike riding outdoors. In the city, there are traffic concerns to consider. If you bike at night, those issues are even more prevalent. Nobody wants to risk injury to get into shape. Get fit and beat the traffic by investing in an indoor bike.

Safety and Outdoor Bicycling
Biking is a fun activity and offers wonderful toning and cardiovascular benefits. Safety is a major concern when you go biking outdoors. The weather is a factor because icy or slippery roads are more dangerous. Another consideration is the traffic, especially if you live in an area with heavily traveled roads.

According to the National Safety Council, the cost of bicyclist injuries and deaths totals more than $4 billion annually. In 2009, more than 600 people lost their lives in bicycle crashes with motor vehicles. These sobering statistics have people cautious about riding outdoors. Instead of losing out on one of your favorite fitness activities, invest in a convenient indoor bike.

Choosing an Indoor Bike
There are several types of indoor bikes to choose from. Select the right bike based on your fitness level, preferences and budget. Examples of popular indoor bikes include low impact elliptical machines, versatile fitness bikes and air bikes with natural resistance. Many of these compact models easily fit into any space and can be transported across flat floors.

Most of them include features to gauge your mileage, heart rate and number of calories burned. You also know the length of time you are on the machine. These facts make it easier to customize your workout and exceed your previous goals. Indoor bikes are also comfortable with no bumps in the road to break your stride. You can work out in any weather, and at anytime of the day without having safety concerns.

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