Four Ways to Keep Working Out in the Winter

Four Ways to Keep Working Out in the Winter

The cold weather, the comfort foods, and the slower pace of living can lead to sedentary behavior during the winter. This type of hibernating is only meant for bears, not people. Skipping workouts and eating more is sure to make you pack on the pounds. Instead of facing the facts in the spring, discover these four simple ways to keep working out in the winter.


1 Make a Commitment to Working Out


When you make a commitment, it becomes harder to avoid working out. While self-motivation is important, sometimes you need a little extra help. Plan to jog with a friend or neighbor at a certain time each day. Promise to walk the dog every night after dinner. Join a gym and sign up for workout classes, such as yoga and aerobics. Hire a physical trainer to help you learn the best ways to get fit and stay that way. Consider joining an online forum where you check in with a group every day. Keep a journal and read it every night before bed to see if you reached your goals. Do better the next day by creating a definitive plan and sticking to it.


2 Be Ready for Beautiful Days When They Arrive


In some regions, the winter can be brutal. Even in the coldest areas, there are usually a few pleasant days. Be ready to get out and enjoy them. Keep a hat, gloves, warm pants, and sneakers near the door or in an accessible area of your bedroom. Grab them and go, without thinking twice. Take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a hike at the local park. The fresh air, sunshine, and activity will boost your mood and help you stay in shape.


3 Mix it Up a Little


The same workout year after year can simply become boring. If you use a treadmill, try something different, such as a rowing machine. The Lifecore LCR 100 offer helpful features such as heart rate control, air resistance and a great variety of preset features to choose from. With multiple levels of resistance, users with almost any ability level can get an impressive workout from this rowing machine. Plus, you can imagine yourself gliding down a lake or river on a warm summer day rather than being stuck indoors during a snowstorm.


4 Invest In a Home Gym


A home gym puts exercise right into you realm, without worrying about the cold weather outside. Whenever you are ready to workout, the equipment is conveniently located in your own home. If you enjoy walking, add a treadmill to your home gym, such the sleek and effective Life Fitness T3 with Track and Console. This gives you the aerobic activity you need for a healthy heart. Include strength training in your routine with free weights or a home gym such as the compact Life Fitness G2.


Winter is only three months of the year. All it takes is some imagination and dedication to keep working out until the spring sunshine returns!