Health Club Quality Workouts With Life Fitness F1

Health Club Quality Workouts With Life Fitness F1

The Life Fitness F1 makes exercising at home thanks to the unique features. he Life Fitness F1 is a folding treadmill that make it ideal for at home workouts. It also offers energy efficiency options which allow the treadmill to provide a lower output in terms of electricity. The Life Fitness F1 also offer performance as the popular health club models from this brand. For a brand of fitness equipment that is high performance and reliable, the Life Fitness F1 offers a competitive option.



Flexdeck® Shock Absorption System



For maximum comfort during use, the Life Fitness F1 offers the Flexdeck® Shock Absorption System. This system uses LifeSpring shock absorbers to reduce the amount of stress on the users joints. It has been proven to provide up to 30% less joint stress when compared to running outside. This makes the risk of injury during exercise far less when compared with  other models of treadmills.



LFconnect Online Tools



The Life Fitness F1 offers a unique tool which is LFconnect. LFconnect is a website to get workout ideas for using the  Life Fitness F1. Users of the site can create and share workouts. In addition, the website can also be used to track workout progress. The LFconnect website can be used as a tool to keep users motivated during use.



Fold Technology



The Life Fitness F1 can fold for easy storage. Finding room for a treadmill in a home fitness setup can be a challenge. The Life Fitness F1 eliminates this problem by folding. The top of the treadmill folds down so that the entire treadmill can lay flat when not in use. The Life Fitness F1 is designed to be stored away with ease and even has wheels so that the treadmill can be easily moved from place to place. When it is time to workout, simply open up the treadmill and the workout can begin.



Designed for Running



Unlike other treadmills, the Life Fitness F1 can be used for workout routines that involve running. In addition, the Life Fitness F1 features a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour which equals a pace of roughly 6 minutes per mile. This maximum speed is fast enough to accommodate most runners. These higher speeds can also provide more challenging workouts for advanced users that need a faster speed.



All and all the Life Fitness F1 can deliver superior workout performance. In addition, while the machine is designed to accommodate novice users, it can also be used to challenge more advanced fitness enthusiasts.



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