How to Boost Your Profits with Commercial Fitness Equipment For Sale

How to Boost Your Profits with Commercial Fitness Equipment For Sale

Do you own a gym, a health store, or a fitness-related business?

If you answered “yes”, are you selling gym equipment? While updating your product line to offer new exercise equipment could feel like a major merchandise commitment, it also has the potential to bring significant profits to your business.

Commercial Fitness Machines for Your Metairie Home or Gym

Metairie fitness enthusiasts are eager to outfit their home gyms and offices with professional gym equipment. By becoming a new exercise equipment supplier in 2018 and beyond, you can win customers’ equipment-purchasing loyalty for years to come. Thereby establishing a completely new and lucrative product line for sale.

At Fitness Expo, we’ve been selling new exercise equipment in Metairie for years. Here are our top tips for Metairie LA businesses interested in selling professional gym equipment:

Start with these popular machines

First impressions are important. When you launch your new exercise equipment department, it’s crucial to stock customer favorites. Consumers will notice your attention to their needs – and trust you for future purchases. You’ll also be able to move initial inventory faster.

The Foundation: Cardio

Some of our best-selling new exercise equipment in 2018 and beyond includes cardio machines. Our Metairie store offers a variety of commercial cardio fitness equipment for every individual:

  • Elliptical machines for those who prefer a low-impact workout
  • Treadmills for runners who prefer the indoors
  • Recumbent bikes and cycles for those with back or knee injuries
  • Stair climbers to boost lower body strength while boosting cardiovascular capacity

Resistance Machines

Once you have cardio covered, consider stocking up on a solid line of resistance machines. A good place to start is with multi-gym or home gym stations that cover a broad range of resistance exercises in one unit.

Examples include:

Common Bestsellers

We’ve found offering elliptical machines for sale can be especially lucrative. If you’re just starting to build your Metairie professional fitness equipment inventory, add the Precor EFX222 to your list – it’s our most popular elliptical among home gym customers. No matter what you stock, you’ll want to include the Precor AMT813 Adaptive Motion Trainer. It’s our number-one bestselling home gym machine (you’re welcome).

Create hype around the new commercial fitness equipment your business offers for sale

Before launching your new exercise equipment department, notify customers and clients of your exciting upcoming offers. Some business owners try to build hype through email lists or social media – but in-store promotion can be even more effective.

Planning Your “Grand Opening”

Schedule a big “grand opening” for your fitness equipment with increased savings for individuals who purchase new exercise equipment that weekend. Hire a fitness trainer or gym advisor to help customers decide which equipment would be best for starting their home gym. Give out samples of energy drinks, offer drawings for prizes (like a Spri Bosu Balance Trainer), and offer gift bags with coupons for future exercise equipment. Not all customers will be ready to buy that weekend – but with a coupon, they may consider coming back to your business for a future purchase.

Then, ask your employees to talk up the event to customers. You can even print flyers or postcards for clients and customers to take home as a reminder.

The more “buzz” you create around your grand opening, the more sales opportunities you’ll have for your Metairie professional gym equipment.

Offer home gym building seminars and advice

Building a home gym can be intimidating. Many people buy one or two machines, then feel stuck: What should they buy next? Others are afraid they’ll buy a machine, then never use it.

Your business can dispel these doubts through regular seminars and on-demand home gym advice. If you host events centered around “How to Build Your Home Gym,” customers can learn about the elliptical machines you have for sale while finding answers to their home gym questions. You’ll become a trusted source of information on Metairie commercial fitness equipment, and a go-to distributor for your customers’ home gym needs.

Final Thoughts

Selling new exercise equipment in 2018 can boost your profits, build trust with your customers, and add depth to your current business. Interested in learning more about Metairie professional gym equipment trends?

Stop by a Fitness Expo store to talk with one of our commercial fitness equipment advisors. We’ll help you select the best equipment, answer any of your questions, and set you up for success with your new exercise equipment sales in 2018. Happy fitness shopping!

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