How to Dress for a Successful Workout

How to Dress for a Successful Workout

Knowing what to wear mean more than choosing an appropriate outfit for a job interview, first date or wedding. It is also important to invest in the right workout gear. While certain sports require specific gear, general workouts may not be as predictable. Discover the importance of learning how to dress for a successful workout and what you should be wearing each time you exercise.


Think About Your Undergarments


Most men would not imagine playing baseball without protective undergarments. But this philosophy applies to both men and women, even when you are going for a power walk or working out at the gym. Underwear for men and women should fit properly, be comfortable and breathe. If your undergarments are tight or loose, they get uncomfortable and you become distracted during your workout. Men may want to invest in supportive undergarments. Women should get fitted for a sports bra to avoid discomfort during strength training and aerobic activities. Regardless of your bra size, it is essential to wear supportive undergarments.


Consider the Activity and Weather


Consider the weather and activity you will be engaging in. During warm weather, a cotton tank top or t-shirt and shorts might be suitable. Often a breathable t-shirt and sweatpants are good for exercising. Yoga pants are made for optimum comfort while getting into positions that involve flexibility and balance. If you go jogging on a frigid day, you might want to add a light jacket or sweatshirt, gloves and a hat with warm, absorbent socks. Tight jeans and dress clothes are never good choices for workout apparel. Some people prefer tight-fitting cotton or spandex pants for cycling, as they will not get caught in the pedals. These are ideal for spin classes or working out on a spin cycle at home. The Elite IC7 spin bike brings the feeling of the open road or a group cycling class right into your living room, basement or den. The console also makes it easy to monitor your heart rate.


Get Supportive Sneakers


Perhaps the most important part of working out is investing in a pair of supportive sneakers. Always have your foot measured to make sure you get the right size and width. The wrong size can cause discomfort, calluses, and even foot injuries. Choose sneakers based on your usual fitness activities. Some are made for general workouts, others are designed for basketball, running or walking. Try the sneakers on and walk around for awhile before deciding to buy them. Get soft, absorbent socks to protect you feet in the sneakers.


Always Wear Workout Gear


Sometimes people wind up working out in anything from business suits to pajamas and socks when they have a home gym. It is important to remember exercising is the same at home as it is at the gym. It only takes five minutes to slip into workout gear and it makes a big difference in your comfort and may reduce the possibility of injuries due to improper footwear or clothing that gets caught in the machine.