How to Include Fitness in Your Vacation

How to Include Fitness in Your Vacation

When you go on vacation, you might be leaving your home gym behind but you should not forget about working out. There are easy ways to include fitness in your vacation, whether you are going overseas or heading to a local cabin or cottage for a getaway. Discover simple and fun ways to fit exercise into your vacation.


Pack a Gym Bag


Having a ready-to-go gym bag can help you get motivated. Often hotels have fitness centers and swimming pools and you should be ready for them. Pack a bag with sneakers, water shoes, a fitness tracker, shorts and a cotton t-shirt, a swimsuit, and healthy snacks. Whether you go to the hotel gym or head out to walk on the trails, you will be ready for exercise opportunities when you see them.


Add Workout Equipment


If you are traveling to a cabin in the woods or a cottage by the bay, it is unlikely there will be a fitness center in the area. Include long pants, a windbreaker, and hiking boots with socks so you can go on a walking adventure. For those who will be gone for a week or longer, pack some free weights and a compact workout machine for rainy days. Consider a folding treadmill, such as the Life Fitness F1. All you need is an outlet to get a workout as good as going to the gym.


Discover New Activities


Going on a vacation is a time for discovery. Plan a getaway that focuses on fitness, such as a skiing trip or a white water rafting getaway. Find out all the activities that are available in the area where you will be staying. Rent a rowboat and get out on the water for the day. Enjoy the fresh air and scenic views while you get a fantastic upper body workout. Relive the moment when you get back by adding a rowing machine to your home gym. The WaterRower classic is quiet, smooth and offers the stability you need to row without a boat or water.


Keep Nutrition in Mind


Vacations are often a time when people mindlessly eat and forget to consider what they are putting in their mouths. While you want to have fun, meals are meant for sustenance and not recreation. Choose grilled meats and fish, fresh salads and fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy options. Select lighter cocktail options, such as a wine spritzer or your favorite spirits mixed with water or tonic rather than soda or juice. Skip the free donuts in the morning and pack some trail mix or cereal to start your day. With a bit of planning and forethought, you don’t have to go off your diet to eat well and have a good time.


A vacation is an opportunity to step away from your usual routine and unwind. Try doing yoga in the woods or plan an action-packed adventure on foot. Keep workout gear and nutritional food options handy for times when you don’t have any other good options. Plan ahead to have a healthy, happy vacation with no regrets.